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What the HELL is Wrong with James Sensenbrenner?
May 18, 2005
4:58 p.m., MT

I guess forcing a National ID upon the USSA isn't enough for Wisconsin congressthug James Sensenbrenner. He's got a new bill moving through Congress that calls for all people to either be snitches in the war on drugs, or criminals. The Drug Policy Alliance has been active on this, and has a news item out today: You've Been Drafted: Uncle Sam Wants You for the War on Drugs. An extended quote (emphasis mine):

[W]e are especially concerned about a section of the bill that turns every American into an agent of the state. Here's how it works:

If you "witness" certain drug offenses taking place or "learn" that they took place you would have to report the offense to law enforcement within 24 hours and provide "full assistance" in the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of the people involved. Failure to do so would be a crime punishable by a mandatory two year prison sentence.

Here are some examples of offenses you would have to report to the police within 24 hours:

* You see someone you know pass a joint to a 20-year old college student.
* Your cousin mentions that he bought Ecstasy for some of his college friends.
* You find out that your brother, who has kids, recently bought a small amount of marijuana to share with his wife.
* Your substance-abusing daughter recently begged her boyfriend to find her some drugs even though they're both in drug treatment.

In each of these cases you face jail time if you don't call the police within 24 hours. It doesn't matter if the offender is your friend or relative. It also doesn't matter if you need 48 hours to think about it. You have to report the person to the government within 24 hours or go to jail. You also have to assist the government in every way, including wearing a wire if needed. Refusing to cooperate would cost you at least two years in prison (possibly up to ten).

Go read HR 1528: "Defending America's Most Vulnerable: Safe Access to Drug Treatment and Child Protection Act of 2005". What a sniveling piece of shit name for such a totalitarian power play. Is Sensenbrenner channeling Lenin or something?

Can Wisconsinites really like what this man is doing to this country? How soon can this asswipe get booted from office?

[lots of indignant sputtering and swearing later ...]

I don't know how any thinking person can read this and not see how the federal government is on course to outstrip the Soviet Union in controlling people. The only differences are we're doing it for "security" and "the children".

I need a drink. Nobody tattle on me. angry, grr


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On Wednesday, May 18th, Mark Odell said:

How is it proposed to prove what someone saw or heard? Other witnesses who were there? "Confidential informants"? Or might this law be intended as better "leverage" on suspects & defendants, Prisoner's Dilemma-style?

"Pursuant to the supreme Law of the Land, I claim my right to remain silent."

On Wednesday, May 18th, William's Dad said:

Hey, maybe this draconian crap is the dose of medicine our comfortable, compliant culture needs to wake up. Unfortunately the innocent will have to suffer for everyones education.
I'm just glad these idiots are trying this really over the top heavy handed stuff. Their true fascist traits are showing.
Anybody still think that the Republicans are the lesser of the two evils.
Let's tally things up, this creep figures we can round up all the illegal aliens (with the Real ID) and now we are going to imprison everyone who knows of drug usage. This just might be 'the straw that breaks the camels back'.

On Wednesday, May 18th, Sunni said:

Yah, Mark, you pegged a lot of what I was sputtering about. And William's Dad, I think you're right -- at least, I sure hope you are. But that's a dark, dark silver lining to stuff like this.

On Wednesday, May 18th, Herself said:

"Lesser of the two evils?" And still evil.

What's that John Ross book? Just fiction, of course, merely fiction.

These really are the years of the sea-change; this is the period of time when Republic becomes Empire. We can hope and work for a different history than Rome's but I do have my doubts. And I wish I didn't. But the Rubicon has already been crossed.

On Thursday, May 19th, Sunni said:

Sadly, I must agree with you, Herself. (Except for the part about Ross' book remaining fiction ...)

On Thursday, May 19th, Jorge said:

This is my first post here. I do not think WIlliam's Dad is correct. The sheeple have shown a great tolerance for all sorts of incremental abuse. This is just one more step in that direction.

I see no hope for the US. I think Herself is correct. The point of no return has been reached.

With the exception of Costa Rica I do not see any hope in the short term. We'll see how the Movimiento Libertario does in the Feb. 2006 elections. If they improve their position in the congress, or maybe even win the presidency, Costa Rica may be the only country that bucks the trend to more state intervention.


On Thursday, May 19th, Sunni said:

Hi Jorge, and welcome! I think that some elements of USSA culture will awaken because of these actions; whether it's enough to keep the next revolution largely peaceful remains to be seen. The point of no return has been passed -- but how we work through what's coming can still be shaped. And while I'm ready to start shooting bastards, I'd much prefer peaceful revolution.

I'm somewhat familiar with the Movimiento Libertario (that link en Espanol -- here's the English version), but haven't kept up with how they're doing.

On Thursday, May 19th, Herself said:

Well... My Claire Wolfe wristwatch has been sounding the alarm pretty loudly.

Dad taught me that when hunting, one must be careful to not alarm the prey. Thus the manner of my comments.

On Thursday, May 19th, Jorge said:

Sunni, Thanks for the welcome. I've been a fan of your writing for a long time.

I hope you are right about the US, but fear that a change for the better, be it peaceful or otherwise, will not happen. The vast majority of people simply do not care. As long as they have their fast food and "reality" TV they are happy and will not exert any effort to change things. Sensenbrenner and gang will keep doing their thing. Because not enough people care.

Sorry to be such a downer, but every time I think things can't get any worse in the land where I was born, they do.

A shameless plug: I write the English language newsletter of the Movimiento Libertario. It comes out monthly, usually around the 15th of the month. It is a bit late this month, as I am waiting to see what the legislature will do with the pending tax package. I will have it out by Monday. Previous issues are here: Newsletters

The ML has five (out of 57) seats in the legislature. They have managed to stop the tax bill for more than two and a half years.

The electoral situation in the country is in flux. We have nine months to the elections and only 10% of the electorate is firmly decided. Another 30% are leaning in one direction or another. 60% are completely undecided. This, coupled with the fact that the libertarian message of freedom with responsibility is very well received gives us great hope.

There are some tremendous challenges, fund raising and packaging the message into 30 seconds TV spots being the biggest two, but people are working on them.

Personally, I think that right now, in Costa Rica, is the best chance to increase liberty that has been seen for over 200 years. We'll see what actually happens.


On Thursday, May 19th, Sunni said:

blush Thanks, Jorge. And thanks for the link to the newsletters; I'll try to check 'em out soon. Your other news on the situation in Costa Rica is interesting, too, and I appreciate you sharing it with us. CR requires all firearms to be papered, though, doesn't it?

Your comment about most of America only caring about "real" issues if their fast food and TV are interrupted struck home, probably because I just finished some economics statistical consulting work. The U.S. economy is not in good shape. Debt (both personal and government) is amazingly high; more people are teetering on the edge of default, and the mandated increased minimum payments coming soon will push a lot of people over that edge; and the dollar's devaluation is only going to make the misery worse. Look at all the hubbub over the yuan ... It remains to be seen how bad things will get, and how active folks will become, but I'm encouraged when I remember that the first American revolution succeeded with a minority of the population involved.

That's not to say I'm averse to the idea of a banana and cacao plantation ... smile

On Thursday, May 19th, Jorge said:


All guns need to be registered. Carrying requires a permit which is easy to get, just tedious, like any other dealing with the government.

Also, there are so many illegal guns floating around, the law is impossible to enforce. Of course, if it is you they decide to enforce it against.....

Costa Rica is not a "free country" by any means, given state monopolies, permits being required for just about everything, high import tariffs, along with the standard anti-drug laws, etc.

An advantage to Costa Rica is that law enforcement is lax at best. As an example I built a house without any permits. Technically illegal, but the house was up before anyone noticed. There are strong laws protecting private property from police. The courts are really independent and do not grant warrants just because the police ask. There are several positive aspects compared to the US.

In addition Costa Rica has is a strong Libertarian movement, which is in the national legislature, is viewed well by a significant portion of the population. Within the movement we have anarcho-capitalists, Randian Objectivists, Charles Murrary types, and others, all who want greater liberty. All working together for greater liberty. We have decided to postpone the fight amongst ourselves until we get to the point where the state actually starts shrinking. We are not there yet. But we have managed to dramatically slow its growth by stopping the tax bill (so far) and stopping some other bad legislation as well.

We will elect many more representatives to the legislature in 2006. We might get the presidency as well. It is very possible that 2006 is the year that we start shrinking the state. If we get the presidency, shrinking it very fast.

Come visit one day smile


On Friday, May 20th, Brad Spangler said:

Excellent commentary, Sunni. big grin

Don't let anybody tell you to back down and "play nice". Our words of righteous anger are the distress signal these times call for.

On Friday, May 20th, Sunni said:

Thanks, Brad. I've gotten used to people suggesting I soften/give up on my tactics and rhetoric -- getting it at the Real ID Rebellion currently, in fact. Not bloody likely! I'll stop when I'm dead.

Jorge, I would love to see CR. If a trip happens, you'll be among the first to know!

On Friday, May 20th, Herself said:

...Please don't think I was suggesting Sunni should "play nice." Just -- well, as a hypothetical, if it was highly possible that a person might someday find themselves in a position to get something very useful done, it would be a darned shame if that person had been too specific, wouldn't it?

Like, if some part of their work involved carrying, oh, large clanking boxes in and out of government centers, that would not a resource to expend idly.

Many of those who speak too openly suffer, well, "setbacks." Untimely deaths. Unlucky arrests. That sort of thing. I'm sure it's just coincidence. Sure of it. Sure...

Sunni's got herself where the rats aren't. Others of us live among rat-nests. The rules of engagement are a bit different.


On Friday, May 20th, Brad Spangler said:

Herself: I wasn't referring to anything you said. I just saw what Sunni wrote, got a big grin and wanted to give her an "atta girl".

Personally, I tend to feel the best approach is to try to spread our ideas as fast as possible -- faster than they could jail or kill us all. Your mileage may vary. [shrug]

On Saturday, May 21st, Kirsten said:

You raise a very good question, Sunni. Our crack team of investigative journalists at Crackers did some digging, and we think we have a partial answer for you this week.

On Sunday, May 22nd, Sunni said:

I'm looking forward to it, Kirsten! smile

On Friday, May 27th, Kathy Heckman said:

Re: A Decade of Thought Reading by the F.B.I.

I am an American Citizen who has been subjected to criminal abuse at the hands of the F.B.I. since 1994. Their crimes include thought reading, physical torture, verbal abuse broadcast at me and a take-over of my dreams at my expense. Because I became aware of my abuse by their verbal broadcasting of my thoughts to me, their scripted taped responses, the comments of the Agents on shift in response to my thoughts -- or to augment their abuse, and dream manipulations, I have followed their agenda pretty much since it's conception. Mostly through T.V. and a little through newspapers. Until recently, information on the method of their verbal broadcasting (which can be heard by the victim, but not by others in the same vicinity) has been kept secret. The August 5th edition of Newsweek has an article “Hearing is Believing” (written by Jamie Reno and N’gai Croal) that explains the manipulation of sound waves to isolate a target to hear what others around them cannot. Please note that this technology was developed over a decade ago at MIT. The system that the F.B.I. is using to broadcast at me is definitely not limited to a 100 yard broadcast field. In a like manner, the outrageousness of claiming that thought reading technology exists and is in use currently by the F.B.I. will be exposed in the future. Time Magazine reported in it’s October 12, 2002 article by Jeffrey Kluger “There are experimental -- and controversial -- sensors that analyze a suspect’s brain waves and determine what he knows and what he doesn’t.“ Further in the article under the paragraph heading “Tapping into a Suspects Brain Waves: Can your brain waves reveal whether you’re telling the truth? ... Developed by Larry Farwell, 53, a Ph.D. in biological psychology, brain fingerprinting ... looks for electrical responses, common to all of us, that the brain emits when we see a familiar image.” The article goes on to say that in a case involving Terry Harrington, in March 2001 a district judge rejected Mr. Harrington’s petition to accept brain fingerprinting as evidence of his innocence, ruling that brain fingerprinting, while admissible, had not been through scientific peer review and would not have changed the outcome. Harrington is appealing the ruling to the Iowa Supreme Court.

These two technologies as currently introduced are weaker versions of the technologies that allow the broadcasting virtually word for word of my thoughts to me that the F.B.I. has and is using. My guess is that the F.B.I. is introducing these technologies in court cases so that legal precedents can be established to be used to support the introduction of thought reading in criminal investigations and trials. The technologies are probably not exactly like the powerful ones used on me, so that even if these current ventures into the legal system fail, the F.B.I. can ignore the courts and try a different approach to the problems of legalizing thought reading. As it is, they are ignoring the Kyllo ruling in Oregon, when the judge ruled that new, even yet undisclosed more invasive technologies must at least be treated by the strict guidelines placed on less invasive technologies in regards to warrants, and the like. (This ruling was restrictive to the use of thermal imaging randomly of people’s homes.)

These agents of the F.B.I. have taken advantage of the fact that this technology is not known to the public or the press, so people like me claiming to be victims have been considered lunatics by those we contact for press coverage, legal help or law enforcement against this crime. If you take the time to read the Newsweek article I mentioned above and to follow the case being prepared to submit to the Iowa Supreme Court on brave wave reading, you will see that what I describe below and my targeting by the F.B.I. is believable based on the current administration’s now announced interest in these technologies.

I have written letters about this crime since 1995 on a consistent basis. I self imposed a year moratorium on my letters when George W. Bush was first elected.. The F.B.I., under Director Louis Freeh, used 'domestic' terrorism as a reason of excuse for their abuse of power. The reason some people like me where chosen to be pure victims, unused in any crime prosecution, was in case the thought reading technology's use by the F.B.I. was exposed. They didn't want to bring into contention any convictions that were won by Feds during its use. They wanted a fail safe, "Yes, we committed an unreasonable crime" defense to hold off any great review of Federal Court Cases (a political sacrificial lamb).

President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno wanted this secret technology (thought reading) to be made acceptable legally in the United States, but knew that they first had to set up a propaganda machine to try to over-ride the expected negative reaction from the public. Because they ultimately wanted to use it in law enforcement, they gave this technology for use in the United States to the F.B.I. Because they expected a backlash from the citizens, they kept this technology secret.

The movie "Terms of Engagement" suggests that the government used verbal broadcasting of an abusive nature during its siege of the compound. This is similar to the verbal abuse that I have endured since 1994 (previous to the Branch Davidians confrontation). Keep in mind that there was active thought reading being done by at least the same organization (F.B.I.) that controlled the raid. Couldn't thought read technology have informed the Federal Agents involved of where the children where, when it might be the best time to attack without threatening the lives of the young? Or even, what negotiation technique might have kept the violence from happening? But at that time, Janet Reno wanted a showcase. Not only the media and civilian propaganda of what happens to individuals who would join any organized group against the government, but also of the complete power and control of the F.B.I. And that, no matter how broadcast the event was, people were puppets that would not speak up.

Plus, Oklahoma Federal Building bombing: there was a fairly large spread rumor via the Internet, that Timothy McVeigh stated that he had had a chip implanted so that the government could know what he was up to. Was anyone speaking out about being thought read to be put under the suspicion of being possibly violent? It could have been used after the fact as a dividing factor. Plus, the Oklahoma Federal Building was bombed long after I became victimized by thought reading ability. It was on 60 minutes that a woman informant told F.B.I. officers prior to the event that something big was happening at the extremist group that Timothy McVeigh was visiting. And nothing was done. While repeatedly going before the Senate to justify their non-disclosure of their technology and their use of it based on their testified knowledge of threats to America by domestic terrorists, the F.B.I. was furthering proof of these threats by politicizing their investigations to encourage the appearance that domestic terrorism was a real threat. Even to the point that a brother agency, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms issued a daring public statement that the F.B.I. deliberately delayed the findings from the in flight explosion of a TWA jetliner on the East Coast to advance the belief that domestic terrorism was a real threat; even though the F.B.I. had themselves concluded that the accident was caused by a gas explosion in the cargo bay.

There is a great threat imposed by these individuals who try to intimidate the normal entities that safe guard our constitution by checks and balances in power between the Courts, the legislature and the executive branch of the government.

At home, after the attacks on the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001, no one would justify the use of illegal secret technology to protect Americans from terrorist attack. It had happened anyway. Bush announced the plan to fund and man the Homeland Security Task Force.

Even after the September 11th attacks, and the new mandate by F.B.I. administration that terrorism is to be their first priority, I have continued to be thought read, dream manipulated, tortured and verbally abused by F.B.I. agents who have basically done the same thing to me for over a decade. They have spent more man-years on my abuse then they stated that they spent on the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing. I have been under thought read surveillance 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for eleven years.

Until the populace knows about this technology and the ways that it can be used to harm us, there are no guarantees that we are safe.

Just as the equipment used to broadcast to me has become available to the public (Newsweek, Aug. 5th, 2002 “Hearing is Believing”), the F.B.I. may introduce thought reading technology and propose that using thought reading technology is a limitable, specific, warrantable search tool. Seven years ago they practiced a technique on me where they had people who looked like people I knew placed near me, or had people say things by me that triggered memories of my past. They will propose that under such directed stimuli, it can be reasonably assumed that the search of a person’s thoughts at that time will yield specific information and is warrantable. Miranda rights are required because the Supreme Court reasoned that during arrest, the display of authority by police versus the vulnerability of the suspect creates an environment likely to compel a suspect to violate their own civil rights prior to counsel.

To create a state of mind in a person during an investigation is a display of force unjustified under the presumption of innocence that involuntarily compels subservience to law enforcement authority without reasonable cause or due process. And thoughts, unlike hard evidence discovered in a normal search, are incapable of being scrutinized past their event, for example by defense counsel, judge or jury. Paths of thought reflect inscrutable subconscious stimuli and thoughts are not the same as intent or action. They are an involuntary reflex, which we have no control over, unlike our actions.

"The sanctity of the privacy of one's own thoughts to use as counsel to oneself" - that's my saying. Or to quote a Supreme Court Justice "The right to be left alone".


Kathleen T. Heckman
2212 26th Street, #5
Sacramento, CA 95818 shocked

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