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Fourplay, and Getting to Five
March 3, 2006
8:22 a.m., MT

Only because 1] I'm up early again and 2] since he doesn't allow non-Blogger commenting any more, this is about the only way I can let my buddy Freeman know I still read his terrific blog, I'll respond to his blog tag. [Updated 3/8: see end of fourplay list]

4 Jobs I've Had:
college professor
statistical consultant
ice cream slinger

4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
Harold and Maude
Yojimbo or Seven Samurai
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

4 Places I've Lived:
Milky Way
North America

4 3 TV Shows I Love:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Red Dwarf

4 Highly Regarded And Recommended Shows I Haven't Seen:
Umm ... I don't know of any. We live outside of free TV range, we don't have cable, and my friends either aren't TV watchers or don't talk about TV shows with me. So I'm very happily clueless.

4 Places I've Vacationed:
Mackinac Island/Whitefish Point, MI
Copper Harbor, MI
Estes Park, CO

4 Favorite Dishes: [Ack! Just four?!]
macaroni with lots of butter and good parmesan cheese
aloo chole
my homemade spaghetti sauce
salmon, prepared just about any way
shrimp scampi
good Chinese lemon chicken
French lentils with bacon
pasta with gorgonzola cheese
Swedish meatballs

(More Than) 4 Sites I Visit Daily Regularly:
Enjoy Every Sandwich
Uncivil Defence and Root Beer Blog
Self-Sufficiency in Style
My other web sites and blogs too, of course

4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
Downhill skiing
In my kitchen, creating something delicious
In my (nonexistent) stained glass workshop, creating something beautiful
In that currently mythical place where I can be with my love and my children at the same time

[Following item added 3/8, from Chris Sciabarra's tagging]

Four Nine (!) albums I can't live without (today anyway):
Warren Zevon, The Wind
Dick Gaughan, Outlaws and Dreamers
Nat King Cole, The Nat King Cole Story
Jethro Tull, Songs from the Wood
Rush, Counterparts
T. Bone Burnett, The Criminal Under My Own Hat
Primus, Antipop
Frank Zappa, Freak Out!
Crowded House, Recurring Dream
and the ones that will be in this month's issue of Sunni's Salon, o'course!

Consider yourself tagged if you wanna play.

Now that the fourplay's over, a brief meditation report. Yesterday I did quite well with it. I set the timer for five minutes, and settled down on the floor. Between the hum of the washing machine running below, and focusing on my own breathing, I was mostly able to observe thoughts and musical bits entering and leaving my mind rather than allowing them to pull me back to gotta-do-something land. The five minutes went by very quickly; I wanted more but decided not to push it, as I do have a lot on my list to do right now. I'm hopeful I'll do as well today, but without more laundry to be done I may have more of a challenge ahead of me.

Oh, and just in case you aren't familiar with Freeman, he's not all about silly meme-spreading. Recently he did a great job in his fourth WalMart post, and a very interesting report on a planned town being built by Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan. Thank something-or-other that goofball isn't a bureaucrat!


Comments: 6 people have contributed to the conversation

On Friday, March 3rd, at approximately 9:53 a.m. Mountain time, Kirsten said:

I think you may have missed a closing tag somewhere- most of the words are orange for me now.

On Friday, March 3rd, at approximately 9:57 a.m. Mountain time, Sunni said:

That's weird -- it displays properly for me. I just checked the code, and everything looks okay. Does a reload solve the problem? If not, where does the yellow fail to end properly?

On Friday, March 3rd, at approximately 10:47 a.m. Mountain time, Kirsten said:

Interesting- no a reload does not fix it. I get orange headers followed by black text lists for the first four categories, but everything from "4 Highly Regarded And Recommended Shows I Haven't Seen:" on down the rest of the page shows up orange unless it is a hyperlink.

On Friday, March 3rd, at approximately 10:58 a.m. Mountain time, Sunni said:

There was a problem with the coding. Wonder why my browser (Firefox) overlooked the error, and yours didn't ...

On Friday, March 3rd, at approximately 11:09 a.m. Mountain time, Kirsten said:

Not sure- but I was using Safari if that helps at all. Looks great now!

On Friday, March 3rd, at approximately 5:45 p.m. Mountain time, freeman said:

Thanks for playing along and mentioning my blog!

As long as I can keep the letter verification option on, I think I'll switch back to allowing non-Blogger commenting. You're the second person this week to mention it, and I didn't realize that was keeping you from writing comments.

Meditation is something that I should, admittedly, be doing more often. It is indeed difficult to let thoughts go and prevent stuff such as musical bits from taking over. Something my dad has mentioned to me before is that progression with one's meditation requires plenty of patience and that it's sort of like peeling an onion. Onions, like the mind, have many layers that need to be peeled away in order to move closer to your goal, whether it's inner peace or a good hamburger topping.

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