Sunni and the Conspirators

Introducing MAL
June 26, 2006
6:30 a.m., MT

No, not another conspirator ... I have finally come up with an appropriate nickname for The Person Formerly Known as Sweetie. His retaliatory use of Toots didn't have the intended effect on me, but when another conspirator confided that he, too, doesn't like that nickname, I decided to step up the effort to find something better.

And sure enough, in fine form, TPFKAS came through. While I was working on truffles Saturday, he crept into the kitchen in an attempt to gather some good blackmail material—a picture of me with my chocolate-stained apron on, and with my hair pulled back and stuffed (unhappily) under a hair net. [Darlin' daughter, ever happy to provide her fashion perspective, opined, Sunni, you look really ugly in that.] I twigged what was going on and so what TPFKAS ended up with was a picture even uglier—with me sticking my tongue out.

I don't think he's downloaded the picture from his camera yet, so there may yet be time to avoid the looming catastrophe ... but he knows some of the other conspirators well enough that if I can't do that, it may turn up here.

And that should be enough context (but there's much, much more) to introduce MAL: My Aevil Lover. Need I add that his likely delight at this new handle is just more evidence of his evilness? (Or should that be evilocity?)

Addendum: No, you aren't imagining things. It is reading differently today. He said he'd prefer MAL, and since he's the person who introduced me to Firefly, how could I say no? So, take a step backward with me, linguistically speaking, so's I can still call him evil. Never mind that the pronunciation of of ae is usually a short e sound .... Oh, if you insist, you can think of him as always-evil or something like that, but just don't add the e into the name, okay? He's MAL. And it fits really well.


Comments: 3 people have contributed to the conversation

On Monday, June 26th, at approximately 7:21 a.m. Mountain time, B.W. said:

MEL. I like it. It flows off the tongue, has a good beat and you can dance to it. And while I love my own Sweetie, "Sweetie" IS kind of a cloying name for kick-ass anarchist types. cool eh?

On Monday, June 26th, at approximately 8:21 a.m. Mountain time, Jorge said:

Much better name. I hope he likes it. After all, he is the one who has the blackmail material.

On Monday, June 26th, at approximately 8:37 a.m. Mountain time, Sunni said:

I tried to come up with something to fit "Mal", because that would've been fun too, but it just has to have "evil" in it, and I didn't think "aevil" was an acceptable stretch of the language ...

Glad you approve, gents!

[This comment no longer makes any sense. Which means it fits right in here.]

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