Steps To Install A Solar Panel Starter Kit For Your RV?

Imagine a noise-free trip when you go camping in your RV. Sounds too good to be true? Well not any more as now you can use solar energy to power you RV. Gas powered generators are not only noisy but also cause environmental pollution not to forget the fuel costs involved.

When you go solar, you not only get to use an environmentally friendly option, but also have no associated fuel costs, it’s absolutely free. What’s even better, it is available everywhere, there is no need to go hunting for fuel stations or worry if you have enough fuel.

If you are new to using solar energy and do not know where to begin, then a starter kit is a great way to experience it. You can find a great option at

1. Buying a starter kit

The first step would be to choose a starter kit based on your power requirements. You can even start with just one solar panel. The great thing about solar systems is that you can always add more panels if you want to increase your charging power. To find the best starter kit, you can read RV solar panel kit [REVIEWS 2016 and 2017] to choose from a model that best fits your requirement.

2. Mounting the panels

The best place to mount the solar panels is the roof where there is ample space to add more panels at a later point if needed. Also mounting them with a tilting mount is recommended so that you can adjust them for the best exposure to sun.

3. Charge controller

Once you have mounted the panels, the next step is to connect them to a solar charge controller. Your starter kit should come with one. These protect your batteries by controlling the amount of power that enters your batteries from the solar panels. So your batteries will not run the risk of getting overcharged.

4. The battery

The battery is what will store your solar energy and this is connected to the charge controller. In case you already have a battery in your RV, then there is no need to buy one separately. But if you have to buy one then a 12 v deep cycle battery is good for starters.

5. Power inverter

The final part of your installation is to connect a power inverter. These are usually not part of your starter kit. This simple device converts the DC power of your battery to AC power so that you can plug in your electronics and appliances.

Other options

In case you want a portable charging source that you want to use outside your RV, then you can look at portable solar generators that come with in-built Ac inverter. These can be charged with the solar energy from your RV. Look for some top rated generators for solar energy or you can also find abest priced Goal Zero Yeti model 150! It is a very affordable solar generator that is also super portable.

Ways for Home Defense

Home – Next Heaven:

Home is the best place for any one. It is probably considered next to heaven. Because it’s the place we feel secure and relaxed. But it’s also one of the dangerous places, when we consider the crimes that happen at home. For the fact, we spend most of the time at home. So we become easy targets to many psychopaths.

There are lots of crimes that happen at an individual’s house like theft, rape, murder and kidnap. They even hold as hostage to demand ransom money. Over the period of 20 years, it’s considered as 50/50 chances that we might be a victim in one case or the other.

Protecting home& family:

Preparing the home and the family members is essential to ensure safety at home. Being prepared will save us from any kind of worst situations. Now let us look at some of the way that will help us being safe at our own home.

Easy Targets for Burglars and Bad Guys:

Generally burglars or any bad guys look for the opportunities that might favor them to enter a house. They are lazy opportunists. If we consider most of the burglaries, the incident would have been happened only when the house was empty and locked for a long time. The burglar senses the home being defenseless when the house looks shabby and not kept in good condition.

Protecting home:

Some of the ways to protect our own home are detailed below.

* House Appearance:It always a good to keep our house clean and tidy. This gives the burglars or anyone who thinks about breaking into the house that people are vigilant. Removing the debris, mowing the lawn and maintaining good garden ensures the house is well maintained. So the bad guys always think that house will be well protected.

* Locking doors and Windows:When you are at home or away from the home, always ensure that the doors and the windows are locked. As the unlocked doors and windows are one of the first things gets noticed, when someone thinks about breaking into the house.

* Home security Devices: If your home is a large property, it is strongly recommended to install home security devices at the home. These devices will signal whenever anyone attempts to enter the house without your knowledge.

* Home Defense with Firearms: Personal safety is foremost that any other things. So purchasing a handy gun is a good idea, just in case if everything fails. Having a hand gun at a reachable place will help us in any kind of worst conditions.

* Guns: The glock 26 latest generation is one of the good hand guns in concealed carry option. There are even palm sized guns like Sig Sauer. The REVIEWS: SAUER p238 (affordable too) are good to own at home. For slightly bigger model sig 9mm carry handgun can be considered based on your choice.

* And also have good ammunition like Corbon for the home safety. This is HQ ammunition: Corbon is considered to be the highest performance handgun ammuno.

Future Of 3D Printers And Printing Technology

There have been times when all of us confessed and felt about our inability to procure few things for emergency purposes. How would it be if you could make it all by yourself? Imagine, if the shop you are intending to visit for some urgent need is closed and you are stranded or do not know where to get it. In such cases it is very natural for a person to get stressed up. This tension and disappointment can be avoided if you have a 3D printer and its requirements at home for they can help you with whatever you want in just an hour. Yes, do not worry if you have some immediate needs and the shop is closed; just switch on your 3D printers and they will do the needful to you. But remember to feed them properly with the proper design which otherwise might produce a different object not matching the requirement. This means that you need to be good at using pencils, colors and papers.

Aha, that really sounds very interesting. Sketching needs to be very intense only for complicated objects and not for simple needs. Hence a 3D printer at home becomes a must and more so for the budding generation for their thoughts and imaginations are unstoppable and you will definitely not find the right match for their dreams in the retail outlets. In such cases, allow them to plan, design and create objects using a 3D printer.

Apart from the personal applications these 3D printers also find a great place in medical field, fashion technology and in some inventions. The most common and popular 3D printer Marketbot is capable of fulfilling all the needs and the filaments that are used in them are of high quality promising an output superior in quality. This Makerbot filament is HIGH QUALITY and hence can be efficiently used without doubts in creating objects. There are many websites that explain and detail everything about the 3D printers and one of the best is the Some of the top rated 3d printer [this website] can be reviewed and viewed with supporting blogs and posts by many users and experts. This website is one very famous site that can be approached for any clarifications and queries about the 3D printers and their functioning. This gets updated regularly with the developments and advancements in the 3D printing technology and 3D printer market and hence proves to be one of the best and top rated websites for gathering information about the printers. This 3d printers are REVIEWED at THIS LINK and they give details about all types of printers, both personal and professional and hence is one of the favorites of all.

Looking beyond the possibilities, these 3D printer manufacturers try exploring new filaments and materials for use in the printers and one such very profound exploration is the use of metal filament for all 3D PRINTERS. This is an addition to the already amazing materials list wherein we have wood as one of the materials apart from the regular PLA and ABS.

Top Rated Binoculars Based On Your Need

If you have done some initial search on binoculars and are looking out for purchasing a top rated binocular then below is a brief summary of some of them.

Your need for the binocular may vary. You might need one for hunting or bird watching or astronomy or as a gift to a kid. “Celestron nature” is in the top of the list – binoculars. It will not be beneficial if you just search for the top rated one and buy that. You may end up paying more than what you need and it may also be serving a wrong purpose than your need. So you have to restrict down the search based on your purpose.

Here is a small list of top rated binoculars for different purposes.

Compact binoculars:

When you are out for trekking or enjoying a nice trip with your family, you do not want a heavy and a big binocular with you. You would obviously prefer a smaller one which would be very easy for you to carry. Looking out for top rated: compact binoculars for your travel? Here is a list of few compact binoculars

1. Bushnell 7-15×25 Powerview: If you do not have much money to invest but want the best one, then you can go for bushnell. It comes for even less than 50$. It is very small and durable.

2. Pentax 8.5×21 Papilio: If you are looking out for good performance binocular for watching butterflies and birds for a mid price range then this one would suit you better. This one has got very good glasses.

3. Zeiss Victory 10×25 T: It has got a rating of 5 and it has got more advanced features in it. If you want a very small one that could fit right into your pocket but priced bit higher compared to the above specified , then this would suit you better.

Hunting binoculars:

Your travel binocular cannot be used comfortably for hunting. Though your compact binoculars are very small to carry, you need a better one for hunting purpose. You will not enjoy your hunt if you do not have a proper one with you. Check the TOP RATED: binoculars for hunting before you purchase one

1. Steiner Predator 10×42 : It is very light and could be carried easily. This is more suitable for turkey and bow hunters. You can use it even in low light areas. Though it is slightly high priced, it is worth for the money you pay.

2. Vortex Viper HD 10×42: It weighs less than steiner predator and has got a wider field of view. Apart from its use in hunting, it can be called as an all rounder.

3. Vangaurd Spirit XF 10×42: It comes with a lesser cost than the above two. As the cost, so is the performance. Though the performance cannot be compared with the above two, it performs well for a hunter who moves around forest and hills.

Top rated Binoculars under $100:

If you are not particular about the usage but you need a binocular that costs you under $100, consider checking review about the below binoculars

1. Celestron 71347 Outland X 10×42 Binocular: This is best for hunting which is light weight and has an excellent performance.

2. Polaris Optics Spectator 8X32 Compact: It is one of the best binoculars under $100 which is much suitable for bird watching. It provides sharper focus and image and comes with multi coated lens.

So, select the top rated binocular based on your requirements.

The Compact Wine Coolers

There is a wide variety of wine coolers in the market and it is a tedious task to select from them. Many people opt for countertop wine coolers to save space. When it comes to compact wine coolers, the options are many. But there are few brands that are worth buying. Here are few brands explained in short. For detailed review, please visit

Haier wine Cooler

The Haier is one brand that has always been known for its sleek and stylish look. The much talked about model is The Haier wine cooler for 12 bottles and beer! It has a tinted glass door with blue LED temperature displays. The temperature displays can be seen from outside and is quite impressive to look at. It is something that everyone would love to admire.

The Haier wine cooler is a dual cooler system and allows to set two different temperatures at the upper and lower compartments. Thus, this one is more suitable for storing both red and white wine in the same cooler at perfect temperatures. The compartments hold the temperatures consistently. Compared to other units in the market, this model is cheap but the quality is very good. It has a double paned door and the seal is perfect. It also runs quietly and perfect for any kitchen.

Off all the other coolers, the first wine enthusiast fridge is Haier.

NewAir Wine Cooler

NewAir is a company known for making good quality products. The NewAir 12 bottle wine cooler is one such good quality product that the customers are happy with. The finish of this cooler is a stainless-steel finish. Hence, it looks great for display at any bar.

Unlike Haier, NewAir is a single zone cooler and has an LED display at the top of the cooler. The temperature of the cooler is consistent and at the same time the unit is silent without any vibration because it is a thermoelectric based cooler.

Spt Wine Cooler

This is a sleek black wine cooler to store 12 wine bottles with temperature displays / controls at the top. This unit doesn’t vibrate and because of the vibration free controller, the wine is not disturbed during cooling. The model is a slim model and so it is very easy to fit this unit even in small space.

The only disadvantage is the noise it produces. Compared to the other coolers, this one is a bit noisy. To conclude, it is a sleek fridge that saves space and performs well and price is great.

Danby Wine Cooler

If you are looking for an inexpensive wine cooler, then Danby is the best. It is black in colour with a glass door and has a thermostat at the top of the cooler. This cooler makes use of semiconductor cooling technology for energy efficiency. It also has vibration control in place. So, there is no need to worry about the vibration or noise coming from this cooler.


All the above coolers are good in their own sense but the first choice would be the Haier 12 bottle wine cooler which is good in all aspects.

Kitchen Gadgets- For an Active Kitchen!

For many of the working moms, single men, single girls far away from home, who are not able to do some cooking because of their long working hours and travelling issue, always end with guilt about not being able to do some basic kitchen stuff. But, hey, never give up on anything.

We understand your scenario and are going to assist you with some time and life-saving kitchen gadgets that help you in conquering the tougher jobs at the kitchen all with ease. There are many kitchen gadgets in the market, promising you to deliver only the best. We give a list of some of the best ones that is a must in every kitchen for a fulfilling day.

Hey, before we proceed further, we would like to inform you that there is site with much more classy kitchen gadgets, all that comes in handy, its Go there and be amazed at the number of gadgets that help you in starting and ending your day with a smile.

For all those juicing needs, there is Breville BJE510XL Multi Speed 900 Watt Juicer. When you don’t have enough time to grab a bite, you can always drop in some fruits, add some yoghurt and blend a smoothie just as you read this page; it’s so simple with this juicer.

This Breville will make you smile [BJE510XL], with its amazing features. This 900 watt motor offers you great speed in blending, helps you finish up your breakfast in a jiffy and healthy too. You need not bother of chopping fruits and veggies. This blender cum juicer has a 3” feed chute, which chops the bigger chunks too easily. It has 5 various speed modes to help you customise your taste. This product has a safety lock, and makes less noise. Another best part is that it comes with 1.2l jug juice which helps in keeping the juice fresh and filtering out that excess froth. We are sure this one will impress you as much as we got impressed.

There is another juicer is the list. this juicer: Breville JE98XL is again one of the best in the market. It is capable of blending non-chopped fruits and veggies to bring the best smoothie, retaining the nutrients. It has 2 speed settings, with powerful motor. It has a juice jug of 1litre capacity to help you dispense the juice without the froth.

To make your cooking faster, why don’t you consider using Instant pots to do all those cooking, steaming, slow cooking when you are doing some other work, or when you are out to work? Yes, Instant pot does all this and much more. Read on to see the best product and its features.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is one of the best instant pots. It has 7 multiple functions and comes with 10 safety mechanisms. This model comes with 14 micro-processor controlled programs, different temperatures for slow cooking, steaming and sautéing.

This pot made of stainless steel, is solid enough to withstand any rough handling. Overall, it’s a single gadget with multiple functionalities, which is a must have in your kitchen.

Break Your Hands and Other`s Legs With The Electric Drums

“Are you fed up searching for a good and efficient drum set? Do not worry tell us what you want and we will tell you the right choice” is what most of the drum dealers in the market promise you. But does this happen with all of them? Will you be satisfied with their products and functioning? No, not all of them are the same and there are few points that will help you in getting hitched with the right option. Look for few of the following things that will tell the truth about the product you are eying on.

7. The drum kit you are looking for should be able to give you a limitless range of sounds irrespective of the genre of the track you are playing. They should give you the right support in your performance.

8. They should be versatile. They should let you adjust the timings and sound settings according to the demands of the performance.

9. They should offer learning too apart from the musical support they give. Every branded drum kit comes with a built-in music patterns that offer the player a learning.

The right place to look for a drum set with all these is the Billy Hart Drums [dot] com.

Ronald is one very famous name in the drums industry and is well known for the quality products they offer. This is one very prominent and strong reason for their sustenance and stability in the market amongst the very heavy market trough. They offer superior quality music, all types in this series offer durability, high performance and the best thing about all the types of this brand is the implementation of the latest technology. One very good example or probably a sample that fulfills all these qualities is the Roland td1k.

The next to follow this is the [review] Alesis DM6. A very common shortfall with all the drum sets is its hardware that slightly falls below the standards and the main reason for this is to keep the costs low. But this is completely eliminated in the (review) Alesis DM6 and it strives to offer everything at the best at the same time keeps the costs low and affordable. A drum set`s life is its sound module that talks about how the kit or the set performs digitally. Here it is designed with 10 preset kits and 5 user slots, all put together it can support up to 108 different types of sounds and effects.

As stated earlier, Yamaha is another very famous name in the drum`s world and the latest from their hands is the Yamaha Dtx 522 k – online. This comes with a DTX Pad with newly developed tom pads, 3 zone hi-hat, cymbal pads and exclusive sound features. For all these the cost they offer is very low and it is made available at low costs for use by all types of drum lovers. This module comes with an option of extension and hence additional pads or triggers can be attached whenever necessary.

Camera – Clash Of The Titans

When it comes to buying a good camera, it is vital to study all the features and properties of the device before buying the right one. The purpose of buying the camera is just as important as planning the budget for it. With so many brands out there in the market, a comparison between the various brands and study of the different features is a good idea.

Some popular cameras are:

  • Canon EOS 5D
  • Nikon 5OS 5DS
  • Pentax K1
  • Nikon EOS 7D Mark II

There is an increase in the awareness of the consumers. The brands and the companies are keen on keeping the customers informed of all products and features to enable accurate selection based on their needs and requirements.  Reviews help you to buy the best camera at the best rate possible. Reading about the experiences and opinions of other customers can give you a good insight on the actual feel of the device. Study of both the strengths and the weakness can rank your products and narrow down your choices for you. Pentax K S2 highest grade score is one of the criterions that should also be looked into.

The Blue SLR dot COM is one of the most preferred cameras in the market. Photography, today, is more a passion than a hobby for many people. While some find it exciting and thrilling, some get a therapeutic advantage. Good cameras enable you to capture intrinsic and detailed images. Nikon is one of the most popular names in the industry when it comes to purchasing cameras.

A frequently asked question is, “Is Pentax K1 better than Nikon when comapred?”  Detailed comparisons are good. It helps you pick the better product. Both these products are ranked among the top. Out a total 85 cameras, the Pentax K1 is ranked second place whilst the Nikon is ranked at four. A study of the main features will give you a better and detailed comparison. There are many reasons to choose the Pentax K1 over the Nikon product. Amongst the reasons would be a better wireless connection, built-in GPS, articulating screen and cheaper. Nikon would be preferred because of better images in low light due to built-in flash, higher battery life, lighter weight and higher dynamic range. There are no common disadvantages of the Pentax and the Nikon.

The trick is to decide your needs and preferences before finding out which feature would suit you the most. Links such as are very useful. They provide all the data that help you find your ideal DSLR. Each camera is different. People who are passionate about photography claim that different cameras have different personalities. You need to find the one that will get along with yours.

Most people prefer the camera that is of lesser weight. It is an important deciding factor. Nikon is lighter than the Pentax. You must also take into consideration the lens attached. End of the day, information is the key. Read well and make an informed decision.

Smoke Your Food To Provoke Your Tongue And Nose

Do you as to why people go for the grills when there are stove and gas options available? The answer is very simple.

* The amount of oil used in the grills is very less when compared to those cooked using gas or stove.

* These grills are easily transportable and hence can be shifted to anywhere around the house.

* More than cooking, grills smoke the food and give a smoggy flavor which is certainly absent with the regular cooking methods.

But do all grills smoke the food? No, gas grills are bad smokers for they do not capture smoke from the heat energy produced and the food cooked gets dried up very fast gas grills reviews. Charcoal grills are best smokers for the first burn the fuel, produce smoke and retain the flavor when kept covered with a lid.

An offset smoker is one that is a little advanced when compared to the general smokers for they come with many shelves making place for meat to be cooked in huge quantity and variety. These offset smokers are of two types expensive offset smokers (EOS) and cheap offset smokers (COS) and they differ greatly in their quality. Be it any of the two, the major point to be noted here is how they are tamed and used. Overall the best offset smoker would be the EOS.

There are many gas grill reviews online talking about the merits and demerits of the various models that run on gas. The major things to be looked for in a gas grill are its dimensions, heating capacity, grill make and construction etc… These are some of the parameters on which you can compare and contrast the various types of gas grills for the best pick.

Dyna Glo Grill

The Dyna Glo grill comes with 5 burners and comes with a couple of some exciting things to be offered to the user. It has a lavish cooking area which is 530 sq. inches in size good enough to cook 24 burgers at a time. This grill also comes with a warming tray that can accommodate and bake up to 8 buns at a time. Is this not enough for a small kitty party at home? Of course there are some difficulties with this grill like widely spaced grates, tricky cleaning etc. but looks and sounds a good option for a tight budget.

George Foreman grill is another great option that satisfies the grilling needs both indoors and outdoors george foreman indoor outdoor grill. It is an easy grill that can be accommodated at any place of the house and the garden. Since it has a digital display that allows the user to set the temperature mode and the cooking time, it does not require any manual assistance until the dish is cooked and never compromises in giving the right flavor and taste. It does justice to both the owner and the food being cooked.

Another amazing point is that this is the grill that comes with a lengthy warranty period. While this is reviewed as a good grill, it does have some disadvantages.