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Singing Revolution

When you look at the map of Europe, especially to the East, it's easy to notice how many small-sized countries there are. In the Baltic region there's Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. They are separate countries but over the course of history they've played an imporatnt role and suffered because of their location. Being on the Baltic Sea's Eastern edge, right next to Russia, Poland, Sweden, and even relatively close to Germany, has put those three Baltic states into the harm's way many times.

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Summer memories of freedom

Summer is in full bloom here on the prairie and with it, as every year, come back memories of my childhood almost always spent with either set of grandparents. They are my fondest memories from my childhood and interestingly they have something in common- a kind of freedom provided by the old and the wise in my family.

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Bigos - Hunter's Stew

When I think of bigos I immediately feel like I'm about to open presents. See, for me it's the ultimate Christmas dish and one of the perfect comfort dishes. It is a meal ideal for entertaining guests and a good topic for a conversation about Poland, its culture and history. It is so because it's a dish similar to Russian and German dishes and very often when I introduce someone to it they say "But this is so German!" or something of a similar effect. Yes, I perfectly understand why anyone would think so- bigos is mostly sauerkraut and meat so you can't get any more German than that.