Advantages of Powder Coating

Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process. It is different from a liquid coating. The difference is powder coating does not need a solvent to maintain the filler and binder parts in a liquid form. It is usually applied electrostatically. After that, it is cured with heat to form the coat. The finish it creates is a hard finish. It is tougher and harder than conventional paint since it creates a skin-like finish.

There are two types of powder coating. The first type is thermosets and the second is thermoplastics. The most general polymers used for this finishing process are commonly polyurethane, acrylics, polyester, polyester-epoxy, and straight epoxy. This finishing process is usually used for coating several different types of metals. They can be used for bicycle and car parts, as well as drum hardware or aluminum extrusions, and also for different kinds of household appliances. Many companies offer services for this type of services. One of them is the powder coating systems from Reliant which is one of the best. As far as advantages go, there are several. Here are a few advantages of powder coating:


time efficientUsing this type of finishing process saves you time. It is very time-efficient. The curing times are a lot faster compared to the conventional processes. The drying time is accelerated by a significant amount of time. The processing time is also greatly reduced.

Better for the environment

First of all, compared to liquid coating, the powder is more energy efficient. The oven can recycle the hot air it uses more. It also requires less use of the burner. These things are what makes it save energy. On the other hand, liquid finishes contain solvents. These solvents have pollutants, which are called volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Since powder coating does not contain any solvents, it doesn’t release many volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Therefore, businesses can comply with the environmental regulations more easily.

Better appearance

product appearanceThe coats produced by powder coatings are a lot thicker than the conventional liquid finish. It produces a hard finish that does not run or sag. The items that are finished with this process commonly have fewer differences in appearance between surfaces that are coated vertically and horizontally. Another thing is it is quite easy to accomplish an ample amount of range in specialty effects when you use this type of finishing process, which would be quite impossible to achieve when you use other finishing processes.…

What is a Crime Scene Cleanup ?

What is a Crime Scene Cleanup ?

Unfortunately, we live in a world rife with crime, which leaves a trail of filth, death debris, victims, and hazards. With no one to clean up after a crime, our cities, homes, and neighborhoods would be filled with gory scenes, sad memories and foul smells left from the mess. The repercussions of leaving a dirty crime scene that way go far beyond emotional distress as children and passersby are also exposed to infections and disease,

crime scene cleanup3

In an understanding of this, 11th Hour Clean Up was formed. The main job is to clean up crime scenes after a homicide, suicide or other criminal activity that would lead to the destruction of property, loss of life or serious injury. When a person dies in grievous circumstances, their loved ones shouldn’t be the ones to handle the deceased and clean out blood. This wouldn’t only be insensitive, but also hazardous as bodily fluids carry lots of pathogens that could cause bad diseases. The tough job should be left to the professionals who know how to handle the situation without causing further emotional damage or exposing themselves to dangers.

At 11th Hour we do more than just crime scene cleanup. We are also engaged in the removal of deadly bacteria and other biohazards. Our teams are thoroughly trained to eradicate any harmful molecules. This is indeed a tough thing to do, which is why we work with forensic nurses, mortuary science graduates, and former biologists. Combining their skills with each job is a great strategy that ensures total removal of pathogens and infectious substances.

Our cleaning services also include clutter removal. Nowadays people are so busy that they have little time to handle the clutter in their homes or offices. If you feel overwhelmed by all the items gathering in your space, quickly contact 11th Hour Cleanup, and a team will come to your aid. In some cases, we are faced with homes that were badly trashed during an attack or robbery. The owners are in no position to clean up after the criminals, so they call us to restore their spaces and help them resume a normal life.

crime scene cleanup2

We hire professionals in different fields, so we are ready to handle even your failed household appliances. When you need our help, the first step would be to choose the category of service needed. This is very helpful for us as it ensures that we are sending the right people to your door.

Besides cleaning, our compassionate team members are also able to assist victims of crimes or accidents. We will call the police, the ambulance or help you reach your loved ones if you are unable to. When the inevitable happens, all members of society should work together in restoring normalcy and erasing the bad memories. At 11th Hour Crime Scene Cleanup, we hope to make our contribution by removing dangers, reminders of the crime and eradicating hazards that could cause more problems. Our customers know that they can rely on our professionals for cleanup and restoration whenever it is needed.…

Factors to consider when looking for event security

Factors to consider when looking for event security

When planning an event, one of the most important things to focus on is security. You want to make sure that everyone that attends remains safe throughout the event. In addition to that, you want a competent company that will help you to take care of the property. This means that you cannot just hire any security company that you find around. You need to find one that can assure you of adequate security on that day. You also should know that the services that you are likely to get from various event security companies will vary depending on what they focus on. Therefore, it is your task to make sure that the one you get is the one you need. Here are a few tips to help you during the selection process.


The type of event


Always look at the type of event that you are organizing before contacting a security firm. For example, the kind of security that you will need at a music concert is not the same on that you will need at a football match and definitely is not the same that you will hire for a wedding. This is because the activities that are likely to go down during these events vary, and the property that you want to protect is not the same. Knowing details about the upcoming day is what will help you to get a company that has what it takes to protect everything and everyone.


The number of guests


Event Security services are provided based on the number of guests, and the property that has to be manned. When you are sure of the number of people that will be attending, you will make easy for the security company to assign enough personnel to it. This ensures that everything is put under control. Sometimes, people complain that the security men that were sent to the venue were not enough. It also will be a waste of time and money to bring in too many security officers when there are only a handful attendees.


The venue for event


You may think that this is less important, but the venue plays a major role in determining the kinds of security services that you need. A security firm will ask you about the venue so that they can prepare adequately. If your event will be an indoor one such as a hall event, you do not need the same service as someone holding an open-air event. Think of those parties that are hosted at the beach, and imagine how different the security arrangements will be from other events. Be sure to consider all the details about the venue so as to make things easier for the security company.

When searching for an event security company, it is good to focus on those that have enough resources. Those that have enough security personnel to assure you of adequate security should be given priority because it shows that they are prepared to cover any type of event no matter the magnitude.…