The Compact Wine Coolers

There is a wide variety of wine coolers in the market and it is a tedious task to select from them. Many people opt for countertop wine coolers to save space. When it comes to compact wine coolers, the options are many. But there are few brands that are worth buying. Here are few brands explained in short. For detailed review, please visit

Haier wine Cooler

The Haier is one brand that has always been known for its sleek and stylish look. The much talked about model is The Haier wine cooler for 12 bottles and beer! It has a tinted glass door with blue LED temperature displays. The temperature displays can be seen from outside and is quite impressive to look at. It is something that everyone would love to admire.

The Haier wine cooler is a dual cooler system and allows to set two different temperatures at the upper and lower compartments. Thus, this one is more suitable for storing both red and white wine in the same cooler at perfect temperatures. The compartments hold the temperatures consistently. Compared to other units in the market, this model is cheap but the quality is very good. It has a double paned door and the seal is perfect. It also runs quietly and perfect for any kitchen.

Off all the other coolers, the first wine enthusiast fridge is Haier.

NewAir Wine Cooler

NewAir is a company known for making good quality products. The NewAir 12 bottle wine cooler is one such good quality product that the customers are happy with. The finish of this cooler is a stainless-steel finish. Hence, it looks great for display at any bar.

Unlike Haier, NewAir is a single zone cooler and has an LED display at the top of the cooler. The temperature of the cooler is consistent and at the same time the unit is silent without any vibration because it is a thermoelectric based cooler.

Spt Wine Cooler

This is a sleek black wine cooler to store 12 wine bottles with temperature displays / controls at the top. This unit doesn’t vibrate and because of the vibration free controller, the wine is not disturbed during cooling. The model is a slim model and so it is very easy to fit this unit even in small space.

The only disadvantage is the noise it produces. Compared to the other coolers, this one is a bit noisy. To conclude, it is a sleek fridge that saves space and performs well and price is great.

Danby Wine Cooler

If you are looking for an inexpensive wine cooler, then Danby is the best. It is black in colour with a glass door and has a thermostat at the top of the cooler. This cooler makes use of semiconductor cooling technology for energy efficiency. It also has vibration control in place. So, there is no need to worry about the vibration or noise coming from this cooler.


All the above coolers are good in their own sense but the first choice would be the Haier 12 bottle wine cooler which is good in all aspects.