Cat Farmer's Profile

Cat is, like all felines, quite particular about her surroundings, and generally not forthcoming with information -- especially when asked direct questions. So I’ve created this profile for her:

Cat is a creator of beautiful stuff. She’s worked in various arts and crafts, and from what I’ve seen, has produced nice things in each area. I’m most familiar with her written work, which is sprinkled across the web at sites including The Price of Liberty, Endervidualism, and Strike the Root. From the very first piece I saw, I’ve liked what she has to say.

I also like how she says things. Her perspective and presentation are refreshing contrasts to most writing I’m familiar with in the modern freedom movement.

I’m pleased that she has decided to grace my blog with her presence, and her contributions. For more insights in Cat, please visit her personal web site,

Cat Farmer’s blog entries