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The Endervidual (Tom Ender) is a father, husband and anti-statist. He says:

I'm a lover of liberty in general, but have tried to stay up to date on: economics; philosophy; culture (mainly movies and books -- my taste in music and art tends toward "older" things); computers and the web.

Going in time from the present to the past, professionally I've been: a writer (I'm trying to lose weight -- the pay level on this helps); Computer consultant (OS/2? Bad Choice); programmer (very good pay when I did it 9-5); restaurant manager/short-order cook (waitresses); mathematics/philosophy student (modern algebra/act deontology); dishwasher (strike at the boot factory, next item); factory worker ("stripper" in a boot factory, among other things before that); short-order cook (waitresses); busboy (too young for the waitresses); and lawn care specialist (as a kid, I mowed lawns).

I like: Wisconsin cheese; writings of A.N. Whitehead; Repairman Jack; most Preston Sturges, Frank Capra and Stanley Kubrick movies (of course, others too); Robert Heinlein books; jpegs of Jennifer Connelly (of course, others too); and Ruby as well as Rails (although I use Quanta Plus to edit Endervidualism's HTML these days).

I'm attempting to learn more about Ruby (and its friends); PERL (I wrote a book on REXX once -- now that's obscure); Schopenhauer (I hope my general outlook stays a bit better than his); American individualist anarchists (of course, non-American too); movies of the pre-code and WWII eras (while they are still allowed to be shown) and foods with a low glycemic index.

Visit Endervidualism.com, where it's never winter but always as friendly as Christmas (Oh yeah, I like Tolkien, C.S Lewis and Terry Goodkind books too).

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