Skeptical Man's Profile

Skeptical Man is an elusive character. He's generally quiet, and not much of a joiner. I happened to befriend him a few years back, and didn't realize what a wealth of interesting perspectives lay inside his mind. I'm very happy that he's accepted my invitation to converse, rant, post interesting stuff, and share his ideas and insights on this site.

Our resident Skeptic is a thorough-going individualist, known for responding to vague conversational references to some ambiguous "we" with, "Who's 'we'? You got a mouse in your pocket?" One either learns to be more precise in speaking to Skeptical Man, or inures oneself to hearing that often from him.

He's one of another group of individuals I hold in high esteem -- a tool user. His wide-ranging knowledge and skill set continue to impress me. I hope he'll be able to snatch some time away from his many interesting projects to keep readers informed on interesting techy, geeky, cool stuff that will help keep the Thought Police at bay.

Normally an unflappable chap, I have it on good authority that Skeptical Man is still a bit miffed about being overlooked by They Might Be Giants in their cool song Particle Man. It's one thing for the government's youth-indoctrination prison camps not to appreciate him, but the band's oversight was just too much.

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