The Shadow's Profile

What was that? A riff of saltarello on the breeze? No, it's a hint of galliard ... Where did it come from? Around here, it probably came from The Shadow. More of a music spirit than a house musician, his dancing fingers set lovely sounds in motion. But there's much more to our Shadow than being a producer of auditory waves. Read his words and you'll likely find yourself equally absorbed in his thought waves, as he explores philosophical ideas and practical applications in fuguelike fashion ... perhaps with a salsa touch at times.

As befits his free spirit, The Shadow's interests range wide and deep. One theme might be glimpsed through them all, though: whether one calls it self-actualization or eudaimonia, he's interested in exploring how to create paths to ongoing, individual satisfaction. I expect we'll be going at ideas in this area contrapuntally ... if I can keep up.

Lest you think this all sounds much too serious, let me assure you that our Invisible Avenger is known to relax and banter too! An intriguing individual with a penchant for helping to clear the clouds from freedom-loving individuals' minds, I'm very pleased that The Shadow has set up a virtual Cobalt Club here. Now, where are the brandy snifters and beer steins?

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