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Again, I am sorry for how long it took, but at last, Tom and I are pleased to welcome you to Sunni’s Salon for the March/April issue. It may make up in volume what it lacked in timeliness ... especially the interview with Mama Liberty. We hope you enjoy it.

More Salon! Cool!

More Salon! Cool!

RE: the Bee Gees. I used to own most of their pre-Saturday Night Fever stuff on vinyl myself. Don't let anybody tell you what to like, and never apologize for it.

My favorite "guilty pleasures" are Bugs Bunny and Animaniacs cartoons. My friends think that I'm weird, but it's their loss. I'll watch Bugs outwit Elmer Fudd any day over the latest "Law & Order" clone.


Thanks for not saying “About damn time!”, Presto. So, you grok what I’m saying about the Bee Gees, then? That is cool.

I adore Bugs, and a lot of the old cartoon classics. Don’t know anything about Animaniacs, except that I’ve heard the term before. What I don’t like about much of today’s so-called entertainment that’s targeted to kids is that it’s so gorram preachy. We watched the movie Happy Feet the other night, and while the snolfs enjoyed it (and I did like the music, by and large), I was increasingly irritated by “the message”. There was even propaganda included with the DVD!

Happy Feet

I liked the music (Brittany Murphy sings well) and the first 2/3rds of the film seemed like it had promise with its early message of "pursuing your own way" and the importance of individuality. As long as the movie stuck to penguins I liked it.

However, then humans came into the plot and the "message people" added their bit. I left the theater unhappy I had spent anything on helping to reward that effort.

George Miller has made many good films in the past. Lorenzo's Oil and the Mad Max movies especially come to mind. However, I didn't like Happy Feet.

Happy Feet

I can find something to like in just about anything, but I thought "Happy Feet" was a confused and irritating mess. Even before they got to the heavyhanded message for the grownups, they were bombarding us kids with a story that barely made sense, Cheech-and-Chong Latino stereotypes, and Robin Williams doing a bad impersonation of Robin Williams. It's the first Netflix pic I've ever given one star for "Hated It."

Not that I have a strong opinion or anything ...
"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

"Confused" is a good word for it

And it did get more irritating as the story progressed. Glad I didn’t pay any money to see it. And fortunately, the snolfs are fairly immune to the eco-extremism pushed in such films.


Like yourself, I make no apologies for liking the Bee Gees. They put on one of the better concerts I ever saw (back at the old Capitol Center in MD) and are one of the few bands whose music works as well live as it did on their LPs. While Spirits having flown was a decent album I must say that my favourite remains "Bee Gees Live". Possibly one of the best live albums I have ever heard. Well mixed and produced. Now if I could ever shake that whole Barry Manilow thing.....

PS: If you're still planning on seeing Rush this season make sure you get your tickets via their site the day they go on pre-sale. I got mine on Tuesday!! Yes! Hopefully they'll continue their tradition of not having an opening act, (although I wouldn't mind someone like Elitsa Todarova opening for them).

Manilow's great!

I was trained in Audio Engineering by someone who used to mix for Manilow. He's got a gold record on his wall from him. I never met Barry myself, but I like his music and my former boss spoke very highly of him.

Great news

I’m glad you got your tickets, Michael! I’m of mixed mind on the opening act, though ... have seen some good bands with them – Eric Johnson, Mr. Big, and Primus (even though they do, indeed, suck live) being the ones I remember best. But going it alone gives Rush way more time for their music, and with a history like theirs, they need it. Got a link for Elitsa Todarova?

I don’t remember, but I may have seen the Bee Gees live once. I’ll see about buying that album ... but I really do want those old studio releases I used to enjoy, to hear the songs I like in addition to their singles.

Last, on Barry Manilow ... my older sister was a huge fan, which meant that I had to hate him on principle. My mom liked him too, so I got to hear him fairly often ... just made sure not to hum or show other signs of enjoyment when Sis was in the room. Don’t think I’ve heard a song by him in years, though.

Elitsa Todorova

You actually had a link to her video with Stoyan Yankoulov a week or so ago. Her site is". You can even download an MP3 of "Water" at her site. I actually posted a blog piece about her a couple of weeks ago. I'd like to see them win the Eurovision contest, 'cause everyone else we saw really sucked. "Voda (Water)" has become a family favourite around here, (The kids are learning Bulgarian via that song. LOL).

I saw Eric Johnson and Primus with Rush when they were touring. Didn't care too much for Primus, tho. I like the "Evening with Rush" format better. More of the stuff you love.

Primus Sucks!

That’s the famous chant, and they probably earned it from their tours. They are awful live. Don’t know if it’s from trying to feature Les’ bass too much, or what, but it was bad. I do like a lot of their music, though.

No wonder that name sounded semi-familiar! I will swing by her web site. And now that you mention it, I do recall you going on about some band, but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention ... kind of stressed. If Water were longer – or there were more songs like that I could queue up at once – it’d be excellent workout music.


I really enjoyed the interview with MamaLiberty. What a wise and warm-sounding person.
Good topics, especially herbs and immunizations for children. It turns out I am not nearly as knowledgeable about these things as the both of you... But it's good to find out about them at leats at this point- I might have one or two more kids, and with this info I'll be better prepared.
Always good to find out new and valuable stuff from Sunni's Salon,
Hope you're having a good weekend,

You are very welcome!

Thank you so much for the feedback, Monika. Mama Liberty is a terrific lady, and an inspiration to me. I hope you and yours are doing splendidly!

Great interview

LRT Ka-nigits always produce good reading. :)

The health related bits especially piqued my interest.

Animaniacs is great! One of my favorite skits is when Yakko, Wakko and Dot are digging a tunnel to "Six Flags over Flushing", and they emerge in Hell. Pinky and The Brain are, of course, not to be missed.

Another great example of Animaniacs: Yakko's Nations of the World (Rob Paulson actually sang this at ComicCon 2006 straight from memory.)