Virginia Tech... What are we going to do?

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I've spent a great part of the last week reading the "news" and hundreds of commentaries, blogs and emails related to the tragedy in Virginia on Monday.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually studies old fashioned journalism anymore... not that it was ever pure, but the current mix of hysteria and conflicting stories - not to mention horrible writing and endless typos - make me wonder just where these "news" people come from.

The bias toward ever more government control is always there, and bad enough, but the sheer wallowing in gore and the emotional pain of everyone they could lay hands on was an insult to every thinking person in this country.

And no, I didn't even see any of it on TV. I don't watch TV. I don't receive a TV signal where I live. What I saw was on the internet, which now seems to have been taken over pretty much by the mainstream media outlets as far as the news is concerned. They couldn't beat us, so they joined us I guess.

Lew Rockwell and a dozen blogs I visited all had predictable articles on this terrible historical event, rightly identifying the fact that the college was a disarmed victim zone and that even one armed student or teacher could have prevented the whole thing - but a "law" against guns on campus prevented it.

We already knew that.

Hundreds of people send me emails. I belong to several freedom type forums and discussion email groups. The postings there are pretty much the same as the blogs and articles, sometimes even more articulate. But we're all singing the same old song.

Remove the date and name of the place and they could all be writing about Columbine or any of dozens of other such tragedies, give or take a few dead and injured of course.

We of the freedom community rage at being disarmed, that our children are herded into these "gun free zones" where they can be murdered. We complain about the anti-depressants our children are given, and all the rest.

Bitch, whine, complain, cry, moan, criticize, pontificate, blah, blah, blah...

But what the hell are we going to DO about it?

How many parents REMOVED their young people permanently from these "school" killing zones on Tuesday - or Monday afternoon?

How many people decided on Monday that they were never going to go out of their front door disarmed again?

How many people looked into their medicine cabinet TODAY and tossed out all of the insane psychotropic drugs they'd been giving THEIR children - or themselves?

How many people decided to get the hell out of cities and states where they are milked like cows and kept helpless as dogs in a cage - and started making real plans?

How many people decided to take personal responsibility for their own lives, reclaim complete ownership of themselves and their property? How many will simply cash their government checks this Friday, or whenever instead?

How many people quit government jobs or decided to send that check back?

How many people determined to find a way to live in real peace with their neighbors, counting integrity and non-aggression more important than any imagined need to "control" what other people do or say?

What the hell are we going to DO about this? Wait for the next one?


You certainly don’t pull any punches, do you? But your points are spot on, and well worth considering. And the fact that a lot of the “wallowing in gore and emotional pain” was online doesn’t bode well for the internet remaining a meaningful information alternative. I doubt that it matters much at a little place like this one, but many’s the time I’ve started to rant on the troubles du jour and stopped, knowing that I’d be adding heat, but probably very little light, to a pile-on already in progress.

However, I would like to call to your attention an essay by a wonderful chap of whom I think quite highly, for several reasons: An answer to senseless violence. It is reassuring to me that someone like Warren Bluhm can write such a cogent, thoughtful piece, and get it published in a mainstream newspaper. I hope that there are dozens of Warren Bluhm types across the country.

Warren Bluhm

Yes indeed, but he's still complaining about what the government did and continuing the lament that the students "couldn't" defend themselves.

Just what if millions of students were pulled from such "disarmed victim zones" immediately? I mean NOW! Wouldn't that change things a lot?

What if 80 or 100 million gun owners strapped on their weapons and went out to work, play, school, etc. tomorrow - and every day from now on? How many of those millions can the cops put in jail for their stupid "laws?" Wouldn't that send a message loud and clear?

What if millions of people started to leave places like New York City and New Jersey. How long would legislatures play their games when the good taxpayers are vanishing? Why does anyone stay where they can't defend themselves? Why do they meekly obey "the law" they know can get them killed?

What would happen if people by the millions suddenly decided to stop whining and begging their various "elected representatives" to "DO SOMETHING" and took charge of their own lives... maybe even deciding not to contribute to political campaigns or parties - or ignore anything imposed on them by threat of force. Just think of the possibilities!

What if the people of this country simply decided to stop ALLOWING themselves to be herded like cattle and fleeced like sheep? What if they stood up by the millions and JUST SAID NO!!!!!

What if...???? Could this happen? WHY NOT? If people are truly tired of being treated like infants and slaves... But if they'd rather be kept like chickens, why don't they just shut up about justice and liberty? That's all I'm asking. sigh ML

No human being has the right -- under any circumstances -- to initiate force against another human being, nor to threaten or delegate its initiation. The Zero Aggression Principle

Well, I'd call it making observations ...

But he did it in a clear way, with no typos or egregious English errors – those were the points I was responding to in bringing it to your attention. Sorry for not making that clear the first time ’round.

No typos...

Oh... sorry! That simply never occurred to me.

I've been so wound up on this that my brain is at half mast... I'll get it back together soon. :) ML

No human being has the right -- under any circumstances -- to initiate force against another human being, nor to threaten or delegate its initiation. The Zero Aggression Principle

Could this happen?

Sadly, not in the near future. With the vast majority of the population having be trained in government schools to do as they are told, and 52.6% of Americans receiving a significant portion of their income from the state, it is highly unlikely that they will rise up and throw off the yoke. They like it, they don't have to think while wearing it. Thinking for yourself is hard work. Easier to go along with masses, easier to do what you are told and collect your government check.

Think of them as drug addicts. Much easier to stay with the habit than to break it. The only way addicts break their habits is when something happens that really frightens them or they hit bottom. Often, even these things are not enough to shake them out of it.

In the case of a country's population it is even more difficult. How many times has Argentina hit bottom? You would think they would have had enough by now, but no. They keep turning to statist "solutions" and keep getting the same results. Anything to avoid personal responsibility, anything to avoid thinking.

"Majority" of the population?

Jorge, I wasn't thinking of the general population really. I was thinking of, and speaking to all those who SAY they love and want to live in liberty and justice. All the people who brag they live in a "free country." I was thinking of the millions of gun owners.

Most of the sheep won't lift a finger until the welfare checks stop, and then they'll head out to see who else they can rob conveniently... At least that's what many of us have come to believe.

But who knows? I've seen the most unlikely people "come to Jesus" when the chips are down. I've seen the most unlikely people suddenly discover that they've been lied to all their lives and become zealots for liberty, hungry to know and learn.

All we can do is plant the seeds, tell the truth, and be prepared to defend ourselves in the end.

I keep giving up, trying to convince myself that nobody else cares... and then I talk to someone who just read "Unintended Consequences" or something like that and have an epiphany of truth - to become a rational human being. There are too many who have survived government schooling to become true patriots and friends.

Let's not be enemies of anyone until we must... ML

You just never know...

"I've seen the most unlikely people suddenly discover that they've been lied to all their lives and become zealots for liberty, hungry to know and learn."

Some might see me this way. Just a few years ago, I was a Ex-Navy Republican-leaning Church of the Nazarene minister-in-training for ordination. Now I am a pro-freedom agnostic who has come to realize that I have been lied to from day 1 by the corporate-state-religious establishment. But those earlier things were just stops for me on the journey to where I am now. Maybe its the same for others.