Sunni’s Salon for May/June Now Up!

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Tom worked his webby magic on my ramblings and we are pleased to present to you the May/June issue of Sunni’s Salon. Don’t worry, there’s none of the negativity that burst out here fairly recently, and aside from my opening rambling remarks, it strikes me as a mostly light and fun issue. We hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and a scheduling note: it’s my goal to get future issues up closer to the beginning of the second month they cover from now on. This one was delayed by that aforementioned emotional turbulence; and I’m already taking steps to try to minimize the disruption my imminent adventure might bring on. Hoping is.

Another good one, Sunni...

I always appreciate the Lehrer.

I was particularly interested, though, in the interview... I've been reading quite a lot lately on Left-Libertarianism (I love these timely coincidences :).

It's become a quite interesting journey, though I was quite confused at first myself; the way the political climate is now, the idea of "Left" libertarianism is a bit hard to wrap the mind around. The concepts, though, of radical anti-politicism (is that a word?) and agorism are attractive. In fact, these are the same concepts that originally led to my fascination -- and identification -- with anarchocapitalism, but with a rather more defined focus on, as the man said, individuals rather than institutions.

But what's in a name, anyway? If I were to label myself by every facet of my philosophy, it would be a pretty long label.

And I'd probably offend, piss-off, or alienate a LOT of people. :P

I’m glad it wasn’t just me!

Wally was great, and very patient in explaining his take on the left-right stuff for me. If that doesn’t highlight the fluidity of the concepts underlying language, nothing will. As you hint, I have pretty much given up on trying to find a neat, simple label for my values and beliefs.

And I’m glad you liked the Lehrer bit. He’s remarkable in so many ways.

Prine And Labels

I enjoy John Prine, once in awhile. It's the humor mixed with the style - but I don't think I'd play his stuff every day!

As far as labels - I look forward to more thoughts from you on this left-libertarian business :). I've pretty much given up on labels - although I still use them. For now, if it doesn't fit into an inherent rights based model, I reject it. I've come across a few who call themselves anarchists or left-libertarians - but support some ideas that would infringe upon at least one inherent right of at least one person.

Student Of All, Disciple Of None


I don't like labels either. I find them much too limiting. I'm generally considered by most to be a left-libertarian because most of the people whose ideas I identify with are self-described left-libertarians. I even am a moderator of the LeftLibertarian2 Yahoo group and am a member of the Blogosphere of the Libertarian Left. But I don't use the label much myself, because I don't want to be pigenholed as having a particular ideology that I may not agree with 100%. I also want the room to change my mind about my beliefs as my knowledge improves without worrying about whether or not I am still "x". As much as I admire people like Kevin Carson and the late Sam Konkin, I do not worship at their idealogical feet. As your sig says, the best way to be is a "student of all, disciple of none."

I describe myself now as simply a freedom loving person who continues to learn. Simple as that.

Speaking of Left-Libertarianism...

Roderick Long, Brad Spangler, and Wally Conger were interviewed on The Liberated Space today. You might want to check it out. The interview was OK, But I think that you're a better interviewer, Sunni!