Who’s Afraid of the Gun-Shaped Cookie Cutter?

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The usual suspects, naturally. But it turns out that isn’t all.

Courtesy of L. Neil Smith, I learned of a fiendishly clever plot hatched by Aaron Zelman of JPFOGoody Guns. They’re exactly as harmless as that sounds—they are actually gun-shaped cookie cutters. If that isn’t enough to frighten the PC crowd, the Liberty Crew at JPFO sent out a press release that included some good tips on how to use cookies from the cutter to help a child (or anyone, really) unfamiliar with firearms start to learn some basic gun safety. I really like that idea.

Above the educational/outreach value of Goody Guns, this item is doing some other heavy lifting for pro-RKBA individuals: it’s separating the men from the boys on this side of the fence. In my browsing through a Google search’s results, I saw some harsh words for the project by some individuals who call themselves RKBA supporters. Apparently it isn’t enough that the hoplophobes wet themselves over anything that might fleetingly resemble a gun—some of our own are getting their knickers all twisted over the cookies and cutters too.

Yeah, the suggestion of sending children to school with a gun cookie in their lunchboxes might be a little over the top, given that a kid can’t pretend his finger’s a gun or even draw a stick gun on a piece of paper without getting suspended, for pity’s sake. But isn’t it more absurd that today’s USSA culture is so scared of any firearms imagery that even gunnies see this project as Semiautomatic Sugary Evil? It is an image, people—nothing more. If you can’t look at a gun-shaped sandwich or cookie without quaking in fear, then you need serious help. The fact that things have degenerated so far in this country—this country, which at least gives lip service to the fundamental right of self defense via firearms, and which has more guns in civilians’ hands than any other country by far—demonstrates that we need precisely this kind of over-the-top, unapologetic, and outrageous campaign! I bow in deep appreciation, Aaron.

If American society is really so weak and unstable that it cannot hold together under the trauma of gun imagery, or seeing a kid eating a homemade cookie that happens to be shaped like a gun, then it deserves to vanish. And I will happily, flavorfully help it along. My kids don’t need fundamental firearms safety lessons; they’ve already learned the basics and have shot real guns without any trouble. Still, I’m going to order a couple of cookie cutters tomorrow ... I only wish we lived in a town so that I could hand out gun cookies for Halloween. But I’m sure I’ll find lots of ways to put them to very good use, in addition to making delicious cookies for my family. Hmmmm ... how about salt dough Christmas ornaments? I could make one in pink and purple for my daughter to put in her new purse, get her thinking about safe, concealed carry ... wonder how they’d work as a template for plush stuffed guns. And really—it’s a small tweak from the cookie cutter to a pancake form. Hmmmmmmm ... wonder if I can do anything diabolically chocolatey with ’em ... What a terrific means of meme-twisting the Goody Gun can become!

Hmmm...Endless possibilities.

Gun McMuffins? Chocolate coated shortbread semi's? I think someone needs a chocolate mold in the shape of a semi-auto, or maybe some AK's. :)

Forgive me this one

It puts a whole new meaning into the expression "eat your gun."

And this one ...

“Happiness is a warm gun.”

Goody-gun page won't load completely

I'll be featuring this item at PoL this week, but can't get that picture page to load completely. Maybe it's just too busy? Hope so.

Anyway, what did load showed me a revolver shaped cutter too, so I'm a happy camper. I want one of each!

I don't often make cookies, but I have a recipe for a bread dough/salt "clay" that I might use for making Christmas ornaments and refrigerator magnets. I don't know how big these cookie cutters are, but I suspect they'd be great magnet thingies. (Not too sure how Gun-goodies would go over as Christmas decorations. )

The only problem is that this dough "clay" is really solid and heavy. Has anyone done any experiments or have a recipe calling for lighter weight materials? I thought about using sawdust, but don't know if that would be better. Foam "peanuts" won't work because the dough has to be baked.

Failing that, I may buy some Styrofoam sheets and see if I can cut some out of that. They'd be light, but not too sturdy.

Any ideas?

Other materials

ML, there is a clay-like substance called "Sculpey" that is a polymer clay that would be ideally suited to what you want to use it for. It starts soft and bakes to a hard ceramic. Comes in a variety of colours and isn't too expensive, either. That may well be your best bet.

Salt dough

I haven’t used salt dough creations as magnets, but it seems to me if you roll it thinly enough, it shouldn’t be a problem. It certainly is durable; I kept a few items made in high school for about fifteen years before losing track of them.