Who Knows Where the Email Goes?

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That title is meant to be warbled to the tune Who Knows Where the Time Goes? ... fortunately, email isn’t as flitting and fleeting as time. I am saddened to report that I am still having problems with the eddress associated with this domain.

As some of you seven regular readers cautioned, apparently I was incorrectly attributing the problem to the server at which we were previously hosted. That said, our new home is (at least so far as I understand these things, which isn’t all that far) better equipped for this place’s needs. And the last few incidents of email gone astray that I have become aware of haven’t involved hinky email clients on my machine ... so that’s ruled out as the eater of email. In fact, the problem has spanned two machines running different OSes in the past month.

So what is it, then? Why is email I send not getting to its intended recipient? Why am I not receiving email from people who have attempted to send to me? In my case, I receive confirmation that the mail has been sent; and in the case of others, they are seasoned netizens who are extremely unlikely to repeatedly make noobish misnakes.

Are these problems somehow related to the fuss a while back about different providers/carriers not wanting to play nicely with each other any more? At this point that’s really the only idea I’ve come up with that makes any kind of sense. Or is this domain blacklisted someplace, and that causes some emails to get dumped rather than delivered? (But the problem seems intermittent, and so unlikely to be something like that. I think.) My email isn’t yet at the successful delivery rates the USSA post awful has, but it’s slumping toward that point ... and as a pretty early netizen, I freely admit to becoming used to nearly 100% success rates, with quick feedback when an email wasn’t delivered for some reason.

I am totally mystified, and immensely frustrated. I greatly dislike requesting return receipts when I send out email, but at this point I don’t know what else to do ... Sigh. Until further notice, please switch to my gmail eddress, “sunni.snake”; I will check it regularly, but suspect y’all know better than to expect quick turnarounds from me. Sigh again ...

The biggest trouble with e-mail, of course ...

... is when some dastardly soul doesn't send any!

I've been meaning to send you a note but it's been stuck in my "getting a round tuit" file for, well, a long time. Er, that is - I sent several notes and they must have got lost! Yeah, that's it! Darn e-mail systems ...

I like gmail

Hi Sunni,
I like gmail a lot, and use it for all my correspondence with 'net friends. It filters out almost all of the spam before it ever hits my inbox. Also, you can set it up to be retrieved automatically by your email client. Check their help for info on setup - you need to enable POP3 for your gmail account and then set up your email client to retrieve it. (Thunderbird is the easiest but I've also set it up for Evolution and Opera).

Thunderbird :(

Now if I could just figure out how to get Thunderbird to let me see ANY email! I've downloaded Thunderbird and installed it on two different computers so far, and I have not been able to get email (or send any) with either box. It will "download" to "local folders" but I've never been able to locate any of it... just vanishes. It does NOT go into the inbox or any of the filter boxes I set up.

That was at least 6 months ago for the last try. I'm stuck with what I've got until someone can figure out why the Thunderbird hates me. :( I've given up.

Oh, and the "support forum" had hundreds of entries with the same or similar problems, but I was unable to understand in the least what was proposed to cure the difficulty. I don't speak enough geek...

And I don't want any web based email at all. Just one of those things that will not work out on a dialup. Takes me hours and hours to take care of what takes minutes on my own machine. sigh...

Gmail now does IMAP

Slowly but surely, the folks at Google are rolling out IMAP for all account holders, making Gmail an ever better option.

Thanks, all.

B.W., I hear you. Maybe we’ll both get that round tuit at the same time ...

Astoria and H.C., I like Gmail too, but I would prefer to use an eddress from my own domain rather than Google’s. I haven’t given up on that yet, though ...

Mama, Thunderbird doesn’t like me very well either—and hasn’t ever since it was hatched. My computers have never been massively tweaked or specialized, so I am at a loss to explain why I have never been able to get T-bird to work on any of ’em. Fortunately there are several other options with Linux.