Another Bubble Bursts ...

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No earth-shattering consequences to this one, though; well, probably not for anyone but me, that is.

Our amazing tech deity just sent me an email, calling me on my “seven readers” schtick—apparently he got curious, and peeked at the November stats. Holy schmoly—over 24,000 people have dropped by! Many are apparently coming for the food ... so I guess I’d better get the next “cooking the alphabet” feature up. Cookie Monster is going to be sooo disappointed ...

(I, however, am astonished [and yes, a little pleased] that so many individuals come by here.)

The Royal "We"

As, likely, several of those 24,000 people, I am offended at being forgotten. And I am, too.


Well, we’re planning a party ... would all of you like to join us?

A party?

Oh boy! Sounds like fun! Count me in. :)

Toga Party?

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to-GA to-GA to-GA! (No va!)

Um, no on the toga-required aspect, but yes on the party. I was working on this earlier, but ran into a slight snag. Yes, I have something up my sleeve (no small feat, since snakes aren’t known for their sleevage) ... I’m hopeful of getting de-snagged by sometime tomorrow.

Looks like Mama will have the tipple covered for us!