A Collection of Sunni’s Essays

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Heh. This place began not as a blog, but as a place for interested readers to find all the essays I’d written, as they were scattered across the web—and more importantly, as some of the sites began disappearing. I was making decent progress at that task when the blogging bug bit me. The original goal was quickly overshadowed by the fun and value of less formal, more frequent writing. Then, when we switched from our first blogging platform to this one, most of those old essays were left behind, and then deleted by me since they were no longer easy to find in the new structure. I’d always meant to put them back ... but in my usual too-busy, distracted fashion, thinking about it didn’t lead to doing it. Until now.

I make no promises as to how frequently I will add essays to this site, but I will try to remember to do so at least monthly. (A point in favor of advancing this project is that it is a useful avoidance behavior for other projects.) As I add material, I will place the links here, but probably will not announce each addition in the blog area of this warren. Thus, a bookmark might be a good idea if you want to track my progress (or lack thereof).

Comments are not open on this page, nor on any of the essays—which is not to say that I am uninterested in substantive feedback or discussion. I am! Given the age of these works, a better solution for this seems to me to be inviting anyone interested to begin a discussion with a post on their web site; include a link to the essay so that I am likely to see it. Can’t promise that I’ll respond to every such thread, but as I am interested in responses to my ideas and expansions/improvements of them, I will read with interest.

And now, without further ado, the essay list, with a bonus up top:
    Quotations Used in the Sidebar
    I’m Only Interested in Freedom
    No Safe Seat at the Feast
    Do It Your Way
    Drop Out to Tune In
    Psychological Marginalization
    Balance of Power: Personal Power
    Where Are the Sons of Boromir?
    Intellectual Property: Rights in Conflict? (an FMN spotlight piece)
    Sunni’s Silly List of Personal Stuff
    Re-Enter the Refuseniks
    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
    Don’t Talk to Me About Principles
    ID After the Revolution