Long Overdue, But Here ’Tis

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What with the change in comment and registration policies, I figured it was time to knuckle down and finish my ramble attempting to summarize the guidelines for participating here. So here you go: Getting the Lay of the Land. Comments are disabled there, but are welcome on this post. A link to it will go in the sidebar for easy reference, of course.

Do not feed the Trolls

You may want to give some known trolls a chance, since individuals can change their behavior. OTOH, if someone has demonstrated negative behavior elsewhere, the safe bet is that they will behave badly here. Banning them upfront is the approach which takes the least effort. I'm fine with either approach.

I wonder if I crossed, or came close to, the line for extremely boorish behavior with this comment. I did presume to know what you were thinking and feeling.

Over all, it is a good policy, it is certainly better than turning off comments and setting up a forum. Something I never liked about Claire Wolfe's site and do not like about Wendy McElroy's.

Wellllllll ...

Having painted with the broad brushstrokes I did, I should hasten to add that each person is considered on an individual basis; and I do allow that someone can change. Looking at current or recent actions is more helpful in that regard than relying on history.

I wonder if I crossed, or came close to, the line for extremely boorish behavior with this comment. I did presume to know what you were thinking and feeling.

Leave it to you to find the murkiest area of the guidelines and point it out! ;-) It is a subjective thing, and not something one can cover with a hard and fast rule. As you and I have known each other online for several years now, I did not consider that comment boorish. It was a bit surprising; and you were wrong with regard to your guess as to my thoughts and feelings. But your comments also helped snap me out of the pity party, so there was value in that.

I do not like fora in lieu of comments either; it was not nearly as pleasant for me to post here while comments were turned off in Greymatter because of the spam issue. Can’t honestly say I’ll never do away with commenting here permanently, but for now I don’t see that happening.


For me, certain fora have their place, and being able to comment at various blogs I visit makes that a far more pleasant and useful activity. As for the few blogs I write to... having comments by others is very important to me because otherwise I'd just write in my journal and be done with it.

I was very surprised to see that RRND had picked up my "Who can I talk to" entry here! We seem to have a wider audience than we might have thought. :)

Need a comment fix

I'm the same way Mama Liberty; I need the comments and wouldn't blog (who'd know the difference these days!) if it weren't for some feedback.

Rules served a purpose

Your guidelines page served a purpose beyond simply the words recorded. It established the fact that there are some rules or, at least, expectations of behavior when commenting. Aside from laying out specific does and don'ts, which I feel you kind of avoided, you did establish the expectation of decency and yourself as the arbiter of that. That, I feel, was the highest achievement of the guidelines.