Getting Away from it All for a Bit

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Lobo’s and Snolf the First’s birthdays are right around the corner, and much of my time of late has gone into trying to prepare for them—especially the latter. To be more clear, Snolf I said he wanted to take a camping trip in my trailer, so I have been trying to get it ready for its maiden journey with us ... but sadly, that won’t be this weekend.

I allowed “analysis paralysis” and a host of other convenient excuses to keep me from making timely progress on gettings its towing systems up to speed (pardon the pun). Thankfully, he was more interested in a specific destination and the activities available there than having the trailer along, so we’ve made other plans and will be embarking upon the adventure soonish. Yes, I told him that the failure was my responsibility, and could have been avoided; he was quite understanding and gracious about it. I am extremely thankful that my children inspire and teach me in so many ways.

For my part, I’ve learned several lessons over the course of the past month, most notably the importance of small progress toward a goal every day. Yeah, it’s sad that after my history, I still need to be reminded of that, but at least I’m still trying, and learning ... I’ve also discovered that I’m not as congenitally inept as I’ve been thinking—either that or I am actually developing some skill with tools. Now to get more tools ...

Hope y’all have a happy weekend, whatever your plans or desires might be.

Have fun!

Enjoy your destination, but remember the journey is the reward.

Thought I'd bake up a little Saturday morning cliché cake for ya.