Working Out the Kinks

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Okay, another round of updating and such has gone on here, and with any luck all the module-dwelling gremlins have been eliminated. However, it’s hard to know for sure, so we’d like to enlist your help if you encounter a problem. Please take note of what you were trying to do, on what page you were trying to do it, and in what capacity (i.e., anonymous user, member, conspirator, admin), and drop the details in an email for me: my first name at this domain. And while we’re on this subject, is anyone else needing to log in twice to actually be logged in?

Thanks for your patience, and your assistance.


I was well into a list of all the problems I have encountered, but then realized you meant problems here on your wonderful website. This is one place I have encountered no problems, so my list evaporated quickly. Or can you really fix all my other problems, too?

Oh, my dear Kent ...

Thank you very much for the much-needed laugh! I’m glad you’ve had no problems here.

Regarding your other problems, given that I can’t solve all the problems in my life, I doubt I can do better for anyone else—and quite likely I’d do much worse.

Not too kinky...

I haven't come across anything out of the ordinary on the site yet. Other than the extraordinary content, of course.

No Problemo

No problems here, either. Where you expecting some?

Hard to scroll

I'm finding that the scroll feature is very slow and jerky.

Or is that possibly my machine? Don't have that with any other site I can think of.

But it's no big deal. I'm a patient sort of person. :)

No idea ...

I have no idea how a browser and a site’s design interact to affect scrolling, beyond knowing that it can be an issue sometimes. But once a page is fully loaded, scrolling should be smooth, irrespective of software. I’m glad you’re patient, because I have no better answer or ideas for you to try.

Slow and jerky

I'm finding that I am very slow and jerky, but I think that probably fits on Kent's list of things you can't fix.

Sorry. I don't know if that qualifies as "someone had to say it," but I said it anyway. 8-)