Time For a Warning Shot, While You Adjust Your Plans

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I almost cannot believe I’m going to say this, but I think the time has come for a warning shot to the politicrats in D.C. As articles and commentaries reveal regulatory burdens that kept markets from working properly and absent oversight, their solution is to continue to pretend that they can control the mess that they made—and moreover, to burden USSA taxpayers with the costs, which will be inflated beyond today’s estimates, subject to cronyism, and carry many other unintended consequences that come with state intervention. For a better, more informed perspective on these issues than I can offer, I recommend Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis, Naked Capitalism, The Market Ticker, and the folks at The Daily Reckoning. Some of these people are urging their readers to contact their Congressvermin, and Mish recommends contacting sympathetic Senators [scroll down to the bottom of that post] to encourage them to stand against the forthcoming legislation.

I join that call, but probably for a different reason. I see it as a serious warning shot—a “We’re not going to take this” messge—to be followed with real consequences should Congress pass it and give the Treasury more coercive power than Congress and the President combined.

What are those real consequences? Jorge’s comment on yesterday’s rant is a good start, but may not be doable or desirable by all Family members. First and foremost, the socialist cesspool will be funded by taxpayers—so we need to withdraw that tangible support. The Picket Line is an excellent resource for information and inspiration in that regard. Individuals who can’t easily get entirely out of the IRS’s clutches can almost certainly find ways to maximize deductions and such to reduce the money stolen from one’s income.

Everybody can turn to grey markets for goods as well as services. Roadside produce stands, Craigslist, Etsy, the handyman who’ll fix your various repairs for cash, with no receipts or records—are ways to exchange value outside of the taxers’ reach. Turning to those entities first should become a matter of habit—a principled habit—for those wanting to withdraw support from the USSA kleptocracy.

Making use of existing markets won’t be enough, though. Each of us can probably do something to expand the existing markets, and maybe even create our own agorist business to add to it. If the current crisis and the coming catastrophe isn’t reason enough, please read and consider this before making your final decision.

What can you do, or what can you offer, to a freed market? Think both locally, and if possible, nationally or even internationally. My tech deity can do web development for anyone, anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection for comm; if you want someone located in the USSA, I bet Tom Ender could cover a lot of needs. Custom jewelry can be had from Family members. Mama Liberty offers handgun training and energy therapy coaching/counseling; maybe if she bags a lot of game this season she’ll be selling venison jerky or somesuch! Cat Farmer hasn’t been spotted in this vicinity for a long time, in large part because she’s very busy selling books online and lots of other curiosities in a realspace store in Las Vegas. And of course, I make candies—I’ll be resuming business very soon, and hope to expand from candies into specialty cookies and other items that can be shipped throughout the country, irrespective of weather. I can’t speak for any of the others, but I am willing to barter in exchange for my products.

This is just a start. Money always talks, whether its form is paper, silver, gold, salt, or beads; and it is time for those of us who are fed up with fedgov manipulations to walk our money away from all transactions that support it, and create our own economic systems that benefit ourselves. In doing so, we can also show others that genuinely free markets are superior to controlled and manipulated ones. I welcome any constructive thoughts and ideas.