Another Conspirator Joins the Group!

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I am all kinds of happy to announce that NonEntity has accepted my invitation to become a Conspirator. Here’s his bio, for the curious. I don’t know how frequently he’ll post, but his comments have already been worthwhile, and I hope we’ll get better glimpses into his mind, whenever he wants to share.

Welcome, NonEntity! Skål!


"better glimpses into his mind"

Now THAT is a scary thought!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, Sunni. I hope I can stir up some dust and help enjoyment to abound.

- NonE

Welcome indeed!

I've enjoyed your articles at STR and your input here, so more challenges are indeed welcome. :)


That's really odd, Sunni, because earlier today I was reading some older articles of yours here and seeing NonEntity's posts and wondering if he/she/it was on the "yay, i'm a conspirator!" list, but nay.

Anyway, great. I have been swayed and bent by NonEntity's items published at Strike the Root already for some years, so if your inclusion of the Nameless One here has the merit I believe it does, I'm content to say "Hooray!" knowing nothing more than that.



Thanks, Mama.

And Mike, your words warmed my heart. I write this stuff, not because I'm foolish enough to think I can have any effect on the world (well, okay, I admit it, I really AM that foolish sometimes) but rather simply because my brain screams at me and tells me to put these new thoughts down on paper before they slip from my grasp. It is rare, very rare, to ever see any feedback (perhaps if I were to post an email address that would help, but there's only so much time and I DO value my privacy and space), so for you to comment that my thoughts have been a swaying and bending influence in your life is just a very special thing. Thanks from he/she/it!

- NonE