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Coffee and chocolate are the key to long life
, sez someone besides me. No, seriously—a British scientist is quoted in this report advancing the claim that 20 polyphenol-rich foods are essential to fulfill one’s maximum individual lifespan. Luckily for y’all, I just happen to use several of the delectables on his list in my truffle offerings!

The article is quite interesting, and highlights why I have problems with diets like the Zone diet, which advocate restrictions on several fruits and vegetables because of the carbohydrate content. Looking at any food unidimensionally seems quite shortsighted, to me. Anyway, here’s Williamson’s list of 20 “lifespan-essential” foods:
apples; blackberries; black tea; blueberries; broccoli; cereal bran; cherries; cherry tomatoes; coffee; cranberries; dark chocolate; green tea; oranges; peaches; plums; raspberries; red grapes; red onions; spinach; and strawberries.
There isn’t an item there that I don’t like, lucky me.

Oh, and on the caramels and truffles ... I had mentioned a while back that I’d wanted to open up for business earlier this month. An unexpected cashflow crunch has bolluxed that plan, but the end of the tunnel seems near. Anyone who’d like to start agitating for specific truffle flavors this season may now commence!

What?! Beer didn't make the list?

Though I must admit that people in wine drinking cultures seem to live longer than those in beer drinking ones. :)

Can I start agitating for anything containing dark chocolate mixed with something spicy hot?

My good sir ...

Can I start agitating for anything containing dark chocolate mixed with something spicy hot?

I believe you just did! Now, by “spicy hot”, do you wish for something hotter than my Inca Gold truffles? Say, something with habañeros, perchance?

I loved the Inca Gold....

... and will order more when you're ready.

Next time

If you’d like yours with a smidge more cayenne than I normally use, all you need to do is say the word, my friend.

My rules

I have a basic rule of thumbs regarding cayenne. If a recipe calls for cayenne, they generally give a range, like from 1/8th to 1/4 teaspoon. Well NonE's rule is that whatever the larger quantity is, I double THAT and it often is about right. This rule frequently applies to garlic as well.

- NonE

(but it ALWAYS applies to cayenne!)

I thought I was the only one....

.... who doubles the amount of garlic and cayenne called for in a recipe.

Stupidly wonder

You, like me, probably stupidly wonder why everyone tends to move away from you (on the Group W bench) don't you? A favorite quote from a friend of mine:

"If your friends don't like garlic... get new friends!"

- NonE

Subtlety ...

... please meet my friends, NonE. and the Happy Curmudgeon. ;-)

Just teasing you gents a little; I like strongly-spiced foods too—but not everything I eat. And, since I have more tender palates than mine to consider when I cook, I’ve developed the habit of nibbling some freshly-chopped garlic whenever I use it. That always makes Darlin’ Daughter go bug-eyed when she sees me do it.

Don't take me wrong...

I didn't suggest that vinegar was a good condiment for cotton candy, nor cayenne for creme soda. What do you take me for, anyway?

(Ooops. Perhaps that was not a wise thing to ask.)

- NonE

It probably should

... at least unpasteurized microbrews, anyway. Brewer's yeast is an excellent natural source of lithium, which (along with a lot of other trace minerals) has been stripped from the soil by factory farming.

I'd also put fish oil near the top of any list of miracle supplements, in part because the Standard American Diet has grossly inflated ratios of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids. The so-called "healtny" peanut butter and margerine with added Omega fatty acids are total crap, because if you read the ingredients you'll see they have as much or more Omega-6s than Omega-3s, when any more Omega-6s are about the last thing in the world anybody needs. Excessive 6/3 ratios have been implicated in inflammatory diseases of all kinds.

Not supplements ...

Interesting info on the Omega ratios, Kevin. I didn’t know that; thanks.

The article was focused on foods, rather than supplements; and I think because of that, brewer’s yeast wasn’t really in the running.

Spot on!

Right on Kevin! The ratios of omega 3 and 6 are very important, as is staying away from the unhealthy hydrogenated oils (as found in margarine and many commercial foods), as well as rubbish oils such as canola (which, despite much advertising, is definately not healthy.)

And as Sunni said, cocoa is very healthy indeed (for heart function and brain). I have several large spoonfuls a day - raw, no sugar.

There are definately some foodstuffs to be avoided if you wish to do your body a favour (and enjoy a better quality of life).

Ok, but...

Personally, I'm not willing to limit the "lifespan essentials" to those few. Seems to me that every natural food has its benefits and quite a few have some natural drawbacks. (Ever eat too many cherries or figs?) :)

And I reject solidly all of the various "diet gurus" telling us to eat this or that and not this or the other.

When I savor the fresh corn or whatever in the garden, I have no intention of worrying about the carbohydrate content - or much of anything else.

I sure can't think of anything new to make the candies with. You seem to have that pretty well covered. Did you make one with an Irish Creme center? Seems like you did at one point. :)

Not yet.

Did you make one with an Irish Creme center? Seems like you did at one point.

If I did, it was entirely unwittingly, as I don’t know what flavors comprise Irish crème. (Sacrilege to some ears, I know ... but there it is.)


Irish Creme liquor with real whiskey? The "flavor" is all over the place in coffee creamers, but it's a phony taste and nothing like the real thing. Sort of like schnapps, but with whiskey.

Try some!

I figured ...

Yeah, I expected it to be whisky-based; and I have seen that artificial stuff around. But I don’t like flavors in my coffee 99.69% of the time, and my list of boozes I want to try far exceeds my disposable income. Maybe I’ll bump it to the top of the list ...

and my list of boozes I want

and my list of boozes I want to try far exceeds my disposable income.

Tell me about it... frustrating, innit?

Guinness for Health!

I hear stouts can be good not too bad for you, just like red wines and dark chocolates. But, then again, I could be biased!

Nawwww, you?

I’ve actually received multiple requests for a stout-containing truffle center. Also scotch. At this point I’m not sure which is trickiest, but I am mulling both over pretty seriously.

Oh, and this is as good a time as any to state that if anyone would like to fund a truffle flavor experiment, I will happily undertake such endeavors. The procedure is pretty straightforward: you tell me what your vision is; we hammer out details (e.g., type of chocolate for the truffle center and enrobing, variety/brand of booze or other essential ingredient if important, backing flavor elements, how to get payment to me, how many truffles of said flavor you want, etc.); and I make and send you the truffles.


I hear the Irish dab a little stout on a baby's gum when they're teething, so it has some definite medicinal properties. ;-)

Speaking of medicinal properties, I am under doctor's orders to drink a half liter of wheat beer per day, so as to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones. I doubt if Sunni can work beer into a truffle, however.

Still Waiting...

I'm still waiting for the news that Dr Pepper is good for me. I suspect I'll be waiting a very long time. But it can't be much worse that some of the water I've drank out of rock depressions (full of pika turds) or rotten hollow stumps (algae sludge and mosquito larvae). Can it?

Probably; and probably not.

Even if you can get it made with sugar instead of HFCS, I don’t see anyone calling any soda healthful anytime soon.

Sounds like you possibly have several stories to surpass my experiences with things that shouldn’t be put in one’s mouth but somehow end up there. So far, Darlin’ Daughter’s the family winner, having decided (as a toddler) to give a goose poop a chew.

Java Cola

I've not consumed a soda in 10 to 20 years... until about a month ago. I was in Big Lots and they had a 4-pack of something called Java Pop (I think), Caramel flavored, and the ingredients list did NOT include any corn derivatives (!!!) so naturally I bought some. GOOD STUFF! Fortunately they quickly ran out of them, so I'm back to water and pale ale. (Well, and Bigelow's vanilla chai, of course.)

- NonE

Dr. Pepper with sugar

I still haven't gotten around to trying some, but you can buy Dr. Pepper made with imperial cane sugar instead of HFCS


Caramel-flavored soda?!

Much as I adore the flavor of caramel (and cajeta—ooooh, I’m starting to drool into my keyboard at just the mention of cajeta), I just can’t wrap my little reptilian brain around a caramel-flavored soda.

B.W., thou evil tempter, tell me no more of sugary Dr. Peppery goodness! A few local stores carry real Coke, and it’s difficult enough to resist that.


Is known as "dulce de leche" in most of South America. Do not use the term "cajeta" in Argentina/Chile/Uruguay, where it is a vulgar reference to female genitalia.

Huh. Interesting.

In México, they are generally considered two separate things, best I recall. Cajeta is made from goat’s milk, and generally is a bit tangier than dulce de leche. And I think the phrase is a little different than what you used ... but I’m too tired to check that at the moment.

Local differences

I did not know about the goat milk. Sounds tasty. In the parts of Central America and northern South America that I am familiar with the terms are used synonymously.

Do check, but I assure you that in the southern part of the continent, it is not a word you want to use in polite company :)

Welllll ...

I was so afraid of saying anything beyond the very basics in Spanish that I doubt I’d be participating in any conversation where the term could be an issue!

Don’t you have goats? I bet you can find a recipe online to make your own.


It's not caramel flavored soda. It's JAVA and caramel flavored soda. :-)))) (and if I recall correctly it had REAL vanilla in it, too!)

- NonE

(sorry if I'm gettin' all your little snakie shingle things all stirred up an' stuff...)

Do you mean my scales?

It takes a lot to ruffle my scales, so no worries.

/me thinks ... Java and caramel soda? I’m still a little dubious ... and a search on the name you provided isn’t bringing up anything but forum nyms. But if it could be found again, I’d give it a try.

Java Pop

... Sorry. I'm evil. I know it.

- NonE


I searched on “Javamel”, not “Javapop”. No wonder I didn’t find it. /me rolls eyes.

And it’s good to know that you know you’re evil. Now I don’t need to waste time telling you so. ;-)