Farewell, Marshall Fritz

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I just learned, via “cls”, that Marshall Fritz passed away last night. He’s another person I should’ve mentioned yesterday; I covered both the Advocates for Self-Government and Alliance for the Separation of School and State as a Free-Market.Net editor (the first of those links currently has a tribute to Marshall at the home page, with links to more information about his life).

My first in-person exposure to him came at the Freedom Summit to which we were both invited to participate. As I recall, the bulk of his contribution was in support of religion, yet in doing that he didn’t come across as condemnatory of those who didn’t believe. I was impressed by his sincerity and passion, even though I didn’t agree with that particular message.

Most individuals have probably come across his most famous bit of writing, perhaps without even knowing it: he wrote the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. For that alone—although he did much more to advance the cause of liberty—Marshall is truly one of the giants of our time. My condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.


Sad to hear. My ONLY contact with him was at the same Summit, and I agree with your assessment. He invited me and another to go out to lunch with him and we had a delightful conversation. I must admit to being totally boggled by his religious perspective, and the seemingly glaring contradictions in some of his arguments, contradictions which he did not at all see even when we discussed the logic of them. I do find it interesting how two people can look at the same data and see totally contradictory messages therein. Yet I found him a most thoughtful, educated and likeable guy and he and I corresponded some afterwords as I offered ideas of how to tailor some of the Separation of School and State material to make it more accessible to an atheist mindset. Perspectives which he sought out.

I repeat... how sad.

- NonE

This hit me hard this

This hit me hard this morning. Marshall was a dear personal friend since 1980. He was my mentor in many things during my time with the LP, and though we didn't actually meet often, we never really lost touch. I had an email from him only a few weeks ago. I had no idea he was so ill... but, sadly, he would not even discuss any alternative therapy or EFT for his cancer. His choice, of course.

We talked many times over the years about the ideas of liberty and how they relate to faith in God. He was completely congruent, as far as I could ever determine. Of course, I am a believer too, as are many good people in the freedom community.

It would seem to me that there should be no need for disagreement here, as long as none of us attempts to coerce anyone else into sharing our belief - or non-belief.

Marshall was very good at this sort of discussion. I wish I had learned more from him.

I know he will rest in peace. And I will miss him.


Extra squeezes from me, Mama.

Sweet dreams my someone, if dreams there be...

Mama wrote:

It would seem to me that there should be no need for disagreement here, as long as none of us attempts to coerce anyone else into sharing our belief - or non-belief.

Indeed, and that is what I liked about what I saw in him. And that is the core issue about ALL things in life, not just religion. "Voluntary" <- key word. I really could not care less what someone believes as long as they don't try and enforce it on me in some fashion. I don't see, can't grasp, and totally flummoxed by the need for most to try and control some aspects of the lives of others.

I hope Marshall is resting well tonight.

- NonE

Oh blazes

Never met him, but I knew of him.

All those quiz cards I've handed out over the years...

I am sorry to hear that he has passed from This Side.

A man's life is measured by the lives he touches. His life says much about his character.