Anybody Interested in a Caramel Sampler Box?

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I think I have all the packing supplies I need on the way to me for carameling and truffling, at long last. Now to find the time to figure out prices and such in order to officially start offering them again. Meantime, I need to make some caramels of varying flavors, and I don’t like the thought of the remainder of the candies going to waste. Is anyone around here interested in getting a sampler box of my caramels, as sort of a warmup to official caramel season?

I’m thinking they would be between 0.5 and 1 pound of candy (depending upon the flavors I make and how many people I need to split the leftovers among) ... price, oh, $7.50 plus shipping (calculated based on your zip code, package weight, and shipping method you desire). Each recipient will receive at least four caramels of each flavor—plenty for sharing. This is a great opportunity to try some of my candies without needing to buy a lot of each one; and it’s an excellent price.

Here are the flavors I’m contemplating—if you’d like to add a suggestion please do so in a comment or email. I’m not going to hold a formal “vote” for the flavors, but I will take public sentiment into account when I decide which to make. Anyway, the possibilities:

girls—simple, classic vanilla caramels.
boys—girl caramels with the addition of salted buttered pecans.
dirty girls—caramels with a coffee kick! Home-roasted coffee beans are finely ground, and added to the caramel, along with a splash of coffee liqueur.
hot girls—a bit of jalapeño gives my caramels a spicy bite! I haven’t attempted this combo before, so I don’t know yet how I’ll make them ... I’m leaning toward a scattering of fresh, diced jalapeños atop the caramels; or perhaps a shot of Tabasco chipotle flavor in the caramel itself. Maybe both. Or maybe a good sprinkle of cayenne pepper ... your ideas are welcome, if you’re interested in this flavor.
rum caramels—girls flavored with a generous shot of dark rum instead of vanilla.

The first ten people to claim a spot via comment here or in email are guaranteed a sampler box. If there’s a lot of interest or enough caramels for more recipients, I’ll be as accommodating of more requests as I can.

I expect to be making the caramels next weekend, for shipping on Monday, so we have time to conspire!

The inevitable fine print: given the nature of this offer I won’t be able to customize orders, outside of juggling how many of each flavor you get (if I end up making a variety you can’t eat or are uninterested in trying). I’ll accept cash, payee-blank money orders, or PayPal in payment—sorry, no barter for this offer. Once the packages are completed and weighed, I will send you the full price, including shipping; but even if one were to choose FedEx or DHL regular ground shipping, I doubt that any order will total over $20. (The caramels do not need to be overnighted, nor any kind of super-fast shipping. USPS Priority Mail, even though it seems to have gotten slower of late, should be fine.) For those unfamiliar with my caramels, I use only the best ingredients I can find—meaning no cream with artificial thickeners, no HFCS, and no preservatives. The caramels will keep best if stored in a cool, dry place; they will taste fine if stored that way for a couple of weeks, but after several days their texture will start to become grainy.

Sounds yummy!

Count me in. :-)

I'd love some!

I'd love some!

Me, Too!

I'm in!


Me me me!


It pleases me to see an enthusiastic response, of course, but I cannot help but wonder why there’s been no discussion to date regarding preferred flavors.

'Cause they're all good,

'Cause they're all good, maybe?

Me me me - more more more ...


Oh... right. Sorry. I was thinking "sampler".

I'd be up for anything except jalapeno.

The masses (such as they are around here) have spoken.

By that I mean that I’ve closed this offer. Those of you who’ve signed up are now welcome to discuss the matter of flavors ... unless y’all are okay with Astoria’s voice preference against spicy ones.

Boxes will be packed up today!

All of you should hear from me at some point today with a final price that includes shipping to your address. “Foody”, I don’t know if I know you or not, so please shoot me an email at your earliest convenience so’s we can converse.

Shall I tell you the flavors I made or do you want to be surprised?