If Voting Becomes Mandatory, I’ve Found a Template

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I don’t regularly visit One Small Voice, because the posts are sporadic and often more techy–geeky than my reptilian brain can handle (also, it’s too easy for me to slither in to the “abundance of jewels” I’ve found scattered about and not emerge for hours ... and with my brain swirling with even more thoughts than I’ve time to consider, much less share). So that’s why I didn’t see his post-election item until this morning: I Unvoted!. We’re still working on restoring graphics upload capability here, so I can’t present his images for your convenience, and I dislike hotlinking to images unless it’s explicitly approved by the originating site ... so I encourage you to hie thee thither for the best way to deal with a ballot that I have seen to date.

Yes, I know my review of his site is wildly inaccurate now ... as I recall he revamped his site not very long after that Salon issue was published. Such are the waves and tides of the internet.

Oh, and speaking of my Salon, I’m slithering off to finish the next issue up ... which is not to suggest that it will therefore be up soonish; I’ve a lot to do and Tom’s schedule is also a factor. But it is in progress!

One problem

My only problem with the idea is the fact that "consent withdrawn" implies that it was given in the first place.


That's why my Declaraton of Liberation states: "I hereby withdraw any and all consent (if indeed, consent was ever given) to be subject to the whims of the murderous, criminal collective known as 'government'."
I never gave any consent and do not believe in "implied consent".

Instead of "consent withdrawn"

How about "I do not consent to being governed by any of these nitwits"? ;)

I almost voted last Tuesday--I was looking forward to writing "none of the above" a bunch of times--but my poor pregnant, sedentary body wouldn't let me stand in line for 2-3 hours without the chance to sit down...so I went home!

Tacit, implied, etc.

In my case, I’d say consent had been given, not just because I participated in the electoral charade, but because I believed the system was the best way to run a country. Need I say I hadn’t thought very deeply about the issues at this time? So it would work for me as given ... if it would take some tweaking for others to be happy, then go fer it, I say.

Peregrin, hope things are cooking along fine for you and the wee one. Take good care!

Thanks, Sunni. :)

Thanks, Sunni. :)