Sunni’s Candy Shoppe Is Now Open

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For those of you who follow this place via RSS—and therefore wouldn’t’ve noticed when I updated the sidebar—I am offering caramels for sale. Several varieties are available, and others, as well as other treats if one is interested, can be had. If you’re interested in giving caramel gifts for Christmas, the deadline for placing those orders is Sunday, December 14 (primarily so they’ll have plenty of shipping time).

We can start the annual truffle flavor selection conversation at any time, too. :-)

Two words...

Min--... Oh, hell, you know what I'm going to say.


Indeed I do!

And yours shall be made this weekend ... and delivered, I hope, with a little extra holiday cheer. (And I deeply appreciate your patience.)

Luv tha

I love the logo, by the way!

- NonE