Is It Too Late to Host Another Jan. 16 Party This Year?

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A conversation yesterday brought into sharp relief something I’ve been observing as it has developed. Okay, I admit, I’ve also been participating in it ... more than I care to consider. Writ large, economic woes and political uncertainties have increased the fear and uncertainty in the USSA, and probably much of the wired world. Writ smaller, we who cherish liberty see the changes and likely continuation of trends and have our additional burden weighted even more—that being the question of how we can continue to resist the encroaching tyrannies. Looking at the calendar and remembering some inspiration from last winter, I think another round of January 16th celebrating is in order.

This time around—especially since there’s much less time for formulating plans or goals and working toward them in the interim—instead of doing that, I encourage interested individuals to examine their lives, especially recently. Surely there’s been at least one thing worth celebrating that’s happened, but that somehow wasn’t given the attention it deserved. Look for those things in your life, and upon finding them, savor them ... and if you wish, share them with us here on January 16th. For anyone (including registered folk) who wishes more anonymity, I will be happy to field contributions via email, and post them in a comment under my name.

Here’s an example of what I have in mind: when I was on the last leg of my trip moving back here, I let Lobo know when I was close to arrival. Thus, I was a little surprised when I got out of the car and my darlin’ daughter wasn’t waiting with everyone else to welcome me. She didn’t show up for several minutes, which started to worry both Lobo and me; but when she did, the reason for her absence was clear. She had picked a bouquet of wild flowers for me, as is her frequent habit, but she had some difficulty finding the last item she’d wanted to include: a snake. She’d searched until she found a pretty garter snake to share with me ... and of course her very sweet, squinky thoughtfulness brought both her parents to tears. I still get leaky eye syndrome every time I remember it.

So, just to be clear, the idea is to focus on recent good things, rather than the bad or uncertain, in order to more fully appreciate them and to help foster a perspective conducive to creating more such situations. As was the case the first time, though, any positive contribution is welcome.

Oh, and while I’m here, I should like to clarify for the record that I was not terribly clear in my rant that inspired the first party. It was not CK’s comment itself on B.W.’s post that I was ranting about; it was the memories its tone conjured from my mind. I have long felt that my words did CK a disservice; somewhere else on B.W.’s blog, I had an opportunity to explain this and apologize to him; and now I have [tried to] clarify for any other interested readers. Sleepy yet?

Sounds good!

It's far too easy to think only of the negative and relegate the positive experience to the back of our minds. Let's share those positives!

And I love the idea that DD found you a snake! There must be a lot more of them there than here. She'd have looked for ages and probably only found a rattler at my place!!!

As sung by Bing Crosby

Mama's comment reminded me of a song sung by Bing Crosby:

"You've got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mister In-Between"

I've marked the 16th in my calendar so's I don't forget. See you at the party. I'll bring the beer.

I'll bring

I make some killer tabouli, using cilantro in place of mint, and I'll be pleased to bring a big bowl of that to share with one and all. And if I get really stoked I may make a batch of Mollie Katzen's "Brazilian Black Bean Soup" as well. WHOOO-YAH!

- NonE

Recipe request!

I adore black beans, and am finally able to enjoy them again, so I formally make a request to post that recipe.


You'll just have to come to the party that you're throwing!

(See how easy that was?)

- NonE

I'd love to join the party

I know there's got to be something good about my life, circa 2008. It was one rough year, though, I must admit.

Sooooo ...

... at the risk of sounding flip, maybe the good thing is that you learned how strong you really are. (Which is a very important thing to see, but it does suck, getting to where one can see and appreciate it.)

I have this quote over my range

It says, "A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water." The quote is attributed to Eleanore Roosevelt, but I've never bothered to research the quote. I liked the quote and love the art painted on the card, which was the reason why I purchased it and framed it.

I gaze at the quote almost every day and it reminds me that I can be--I am--- a strong individual. It's helped me through some other tough times in my life. You don't sound flip at all; it's good to be reminded and to see yourself not only coping but growing stronger--- not Hulk strong, but strong in the way that the bough bends and contorts but does not break. The twisting helps the bough, and ultimately the whole tree, to evolve to a unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind organism.

Body Odor

Outside of the subject of body odor maybe, my experience is that women tend to be amazingly resilient and formidable creatures. But then, men are pretty much disposable after a one-use activation anyway, so it only makes good sense.

- NonE

I wasn't quite sure how to respond

My first thought was, "I'm glad I don't know the men you do." One use activation? Not the men I've known, thank goodness =).

Now if the body odor is rancid, it's an issue to contend with. Most B.O. is quickly attended to with a quick shower. Quick showers can lead to multiple activations; it's (mostly) all good.

Edited in response to Sunni's latest post =).

Huge pet peeve of mine? The phrase, "All means all," when used as a thinly veiled threat. Grrrrrr.