Chris Heward, Rest in Peace ...

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I just now learned of Chris’ death on January 10th—having never learned he was ill. This is quite a shock.

I first encountered Chris at an Eris Society conference, and was intrigued by his work at Kronos Laboratory. The following year he spoke at the Freedom Summit; his presentation was on an entirely different subject, and was every bit as engaging as his Eris talk. Chris himself was quite engaging too; in fact, I think Kirsten went questing for a picture of him sans mustache for her beautiful bald men collection. (Here’s one.)

I didn’t speak to Chris at either meeting for more than a moment, if that ... due much more to vagaries of such functions than lack of desire. His work fascinated me; his intellectual rigor motivated me; and his demeanor had me hoping to make his acquaintance, possibly through an interview.

But I never said anything about any of this to him, knowing how busy he was and thinking I’d have time later ...

For anyone in Arizona or nearby who might wish to attend it, a gathering of family and friends is scheduled for January 18th.

What a loss!

My only acquaintence with him was at the same Freedom Summit where I found his talk a lot of fun. I sought him out later and ended up conversing with him on a variety of subjects and thoughly enjoyed the conversation. What a loss for humanity.

- NonE

Chris was amazing he taught

Chris was amazing he taught me more then my own father did the world lost a true real life hero

Thank you...

I occasionally get online and look at videos and articles about my dad. I try not to do it too often because while it is comforting, it's a bit torturous, as well. It is always nice to encounter those who understand the scale of the loss to the world, not just us, has suffered. Thank you for this post.

Kara Heward