February Sunni's Salon

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The latest, and last in the current format, issue of Sunni's Salon is now available.

If you find any errors please contact "the Endervidual" (or post a comment here) and I will attempt to correct them.

Please enjoy.

Ah, now I see.

Yes, letting go can be hard indeed. Maybe that's why I try to focus on the idea that there is no destination, only journey. But then, how can you have a journey without a destination? Life is a funny place to live, ain't it?

An intense conversation with a new acquaintance around a campfire one recent evening led to the statement (which I'll mangle in my attempt at paraphrasing) that love is the choice/ability/willingness to expose one's vulnerabilities fully.

There are so many ways of looking at that stuff called love. Who knows. But I found this particular expression of the idea resonated with my current self.

Humble is a good word, too. Thanks for being, Sunni.

- NonE

A minor clarification

Mayhaps Tom didn’t want to be “the messenger” [and I can’t blame him, seeing as how I asked him to post this notice], but “last in the current format” isn’t exactly accurate. At least, not to my mind ... while I plan to eventually incorporate some elements of the Salon into the conversation here, I don’t foresee organizing them into issues.

I was also shamefully remiss in not acknowledging Tom’s gracious and steadfast work and support—mostly behind the scenes but still invaluable—in publishing Sunni’s Salon. Thank you very much, Tom.

And NonE., thank you, too.

Sunni's Salon and Mr. Abbey

Sunni, I'm sorry to see the Salon go...but I'm delighted that you finally connected with Edward Abbey. Be well!

Me, too.

Not sure what I’ll pick up next by him—most likely more nonfiction.

Thanks for dropping by, Wally.


I enjoyed Down the River. But I'm currently reading The Serpents of Paradise, which is a reader with many excerpts and diverse chapters. Also quite enjoyable and a good taste of his writing.