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Anyone of Sunni's 11 readers not using some anonymous search method? If yes please reconsider. I use scroogle and tor on top of it if it is really confidential, but then again, I am not paranoid. I know someone is out to get me.

Someone is out to get you too.

BTW, I have no opinion on the campaign itself.


Yes, Scroogle rocks! I especially like the Scroogle SSL version (harder to snoop).


I use Ixquick only. Scroogle is ok, but Ixquick installed in my browser bar and Scroogle can only be accessed if I click it in bookmarks. Just one extra step, and no big deal, but I like the way Ixquick lays out the results better too.

Never even heard of it.

Got a link for Ixquick, Mama?

Thanks for the reminder, Jorge—and I won’t spoil the irony of that campaign for those who click through. I’ve gotten lazy and have been using Give me back my Google, with frequent cookie clearings ... Scroogle would be better.

lxquick & Scroogle info

Not Mama here, but perhaps this will help, still. ;)

Here's a link for lxquick

MamaLiberty, what browser are you using? If per chance you're using Firefox, an addon I've found great for search engines, is called Web Search Pro (by "Captain Caveman"). It allows for adding any website as a search option in the toolbar (it has the option to replace the default Ffox search window) but equally cool is that Capt Cman has a website that shares tons of popular websites, where simply clicking on a link, your choices can be added automatically to Web Search Pro menu. Thus, I have Scroogle listed in my drop down list of search websites, just like lxquick, Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, IMDB, etc, rather than having to use it via bookmarks/favorites.

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Yes, I use Firefox. And thanks for the ideas, but the whole point of using Ixquick was to have ONE search engine that would be anonymous. It does do everything I need for now.

Of course, the sites I do go to from there plant their "cookies" anyway, so I don't know what good it does beyond not making a record of my searches at Ixquick. I delete cookies endlessly, all day, but nothing can prevent them from being set because most web pages these days won't work at all without them. ARGGG


I use Opera. It allows you to add any search engine to the list of options, and to establish any search engine as the default.

Also, you may elect to have each attempt to log a cookie notify you and present options: Reject, Allow, or Allow ONLY for this session. On new websites or ones I'm not sure of I generally select the "only for this session" option. This allows me to negotiate the site but then deletes these cookies when I close the browser.

- NonE

Differing flavors of cookies

For a while I bought into the idea that all web cookies were bad, but then I read a dispassionate article on them, and changed my mind. Sure, some I don’t like and those I’ll delete as soon as I can; but others—such as the one this site sets to identify registered users—serve a valuable purpose. I barely remember that signup requires a valid eddress from people, which means I never snoop through that data, which is easily available to me ... I don’t know how I might access someone’s cookie history here, much less make use of it.

Mama, have you set your Firefox to automatically clear all cookies whenever it closes? Most of the time, that’s good enough for me ... and frees up my online time from fretting about the cookie issue.

[Just in case anyone’s curious about it, the cookies this place sets are a delicate, thin sort, with a double burst of lemon flavor—from the cookie itself and its veil of icing.]


I thought I smelled lemon.

- NonE

Oh, you have no idea, m’dear.

I based that comment on a divine recipe I have for lemon cookies—they are truly the best lemon cookie I have ever tasted.

Damn. Now I need a reason to make those lemon cookies!

[On the other scale, maybe you just smelled someone cleaning his monitor, or sumthin’ like that.]


Google owns me already.