OH ... MY ... GOD!

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Just when you thought life could not POSSIBLY get any better... I just came from the grocery store wherein there was on display, for my and other potential consumer's consideration........ a Lindt Gourmet CHILI infused chocolate bar. Say WHAT??? Yes. You read that right, Chocolate AND Chili in one convenient package. Damn but it was good.

I claim no responsibility for what anyone may do with this information.

- NonE


It is a rather common item. I have seen various brands on and off for at least 30 years. Annie makes it here, using local pure dark chocolate and our homegrown chili. It is very good. It is also traditional in Mexico and Central America. The natives have been consuming it since long before the Europeans arrive, typically as a drink.


Well, harrumph.

Burst the hell out of my bubble why don't you? Just go ahead and make me feel like a total idiot. I don't mind. ;-)

- NonE (thinking of Mole and such...)


I am so forlorn ... you rejected my offer to send you my homemade chocolates—which includes my take on this flavor combination, known as Inca Gold—and instead bought that slummy Swiss stuff.



- NonE (hiding sheepishly behind my mother's skirts)


I can still see you there, y’know!!

Unintended consequences of the best kind

See? What appeared to be a faux pas has led to several orders for Sunni's superior product. I love the free market!

Can I try some of that stuff too, o snakey one?

Er, uhhh ...

I’m not entirely sure that I see “several orders” just from people writing “I want” ... and I’m not exactly set up for another round of truffle-making at the moment ... but if y’all seriously do want some Inca Golds, I can do that next weekend, and ship them out Monday.

Let’s agree on a price of $0.75 per truffle, and as always I will let you know the shipping cost after I send your box so no one gets outrageously under– or over-charged. Will that work?

Works for me

I'm in for 10.


I want some Inca Gold, Sunni. I still love you.


/me stops sniffling

Thank you, Sister Predator. Would you like the ganache recipe? It’d be a killer icing for cakes and brownies.


Me too! And I can vouch that it tastes better than that other stuff. :)

Thank you!

/me snakily bows at the Happy Curmudgeon.

And if I recall correctly, you prefer your Incas on the more spicy side ...


If I want to share them with the SO and child I should go more toward the norm. For once. :)

Me! Me me!

Hey, send his lot to me, minus the chili, okay? :)

Hmmm... your main page has a PageRank of 5, which is good, but your subpages have... zero :( Gotta fix that template somehow...


You think I could get such a package to you safely, Mike—and without the attempt costing a princely sum?

What is this PageRank of which you speak? Should it matter to me?