I Knew This Day Would Come ...

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And I also knew I wouldn’t like it, but that I’d have to try to accept it gracefully.

Jorge has told me it’s time for him to move on, and has requested that I remove him from the list of Conspirators. Fortunately, his archive—blog posts and comments—will remain ... and I hope he’ll wander in from time to time somewhere down the road and provide us with his thoughtful perspective. I deeply appreciate the time and energy Jorge put into his contributions here, and will miss him enormously. I wish him and his family all the best.


I am very sorry to hear that. Jorge's insight and consistency will be missed. I hope he continues to make a libertarian impact elsewhere, if not here.

Thanks for all

the good times.

I have enjoyed posting here and have learned a lot. The exchanges with Sunni, Mama Liberty, Pagan, Ellen and others have always been interesting and worthwhile.

As it happens, Annie wants a gardening blog, so I have started setting it up here. I will rant there as well.

All the best to Sunni, the Conspirators and all those who contributed to the conversation.


Jorge, I appreciate you dropping in and letting us know of the new place. (I messed around with Blosxom a bit, way back when ... I think it proved too configurable for me.) I’m adding a link right now. Best to you and Annie and the girls.


Gosh, Jorge, I hardly got to know you! So sorry to hear you are leaving us.

Good luck and please don't be a stranger.