Wave Goodbye to Another Conspirator ...

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NonEntity has very graciously offered to withdraw from blogging here, and after much consideration I have sadly accepted his offer. I wish it could be elsewise but I have thought and thought, and simply do not see a way to accomplish it at this time.

NonEntity’s blog will remain archived here; and I hope he will continue to participate via comments. I also hope like hell this action is not in vain. This has been a dispiriting turn of events for me.

Well, darn....

Somehow I suspect we are all on edge, anxious over things we can't control - and in many ways can't even understand. I know I must resist that trend in my own life more and more as things at least seem to be devolving into chaos...

Let's try harder to help each other cope, and perhaps spend less time in debate over minor misunderstandings. At least that's what I will strive to do.

Good luck, NonE and others who have wandered off. Take care of yourselves, and come back soon.

Y tu, tambien!

Gracias, Mama. My best wishes to all.

- NonE

P.S. Think chocolate! ;-)