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My computer has apparently gone on strike. It suddenly turned my monitor off, and restarts do not alter that behavior—the machine begins to boot as normal, then the monitor shuts down. Testing a second monitor also proved futile.

Dunno what it will take to repair whatever’s gone boink, but until then I am reliant upon the snolfs’ willingness to share their machine with me ... which means no encryption capabilities. My apologies for the inconvenience. Looking on the brighter side of the matter, maybe now I’ll make better progress on some realspace projects.


Check all your settings, device managers and refit your cables, plugs and hardware.
That usually fixes it for me.


Check your email. I might be able to help you.


I'm having gremlins too. Foxfire is freezing more and more often, in spite of at least three upgrade downloads in the last few months. Ctrl/alt/delete doesn't even bring up the task manager half the time and it's getting harder and harder to get it to "end program" once I can even get that far!

Now there are times when I boot up in the morning and the keyboard or mouse are dead... until I reboot. Weird is not nearly a strange enough word for it...

Yet every single anti-virus, anti- bot and anti-malware program proclaims my system clear. Must be computer Alzheimer's disease...

If you don't have any obvious cable/connection problems ...

... then the next step is to boot your computer with a bootable OS CD (many flavors of Linux available, but I suggest Puppy -- puppylinux.org -- as it is small, a quick download and burn, and it works).

If your computer shuts your monitor down from a completely different OS, then you've got a hardware problem. If it doesn't, then you've got a software problem.

Of course, if you're using Windows, we already KNOW you've got a software problem, don't we?

I’m pretty sure ...

It’s a hardware problem; but the mofos who have my tower still haven’t figured it out, apparently—but then, communication doesn’t appear to be among their strengths, either. I took it to them because they’ve always been very quick and communicative for one of my stepsons, but I am getting extremely annoyed with the lack of service.