I Am Such a Jaunty Snake Today!

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And it is largely thanks to two wonderful gentlemen: MAL and the Happy Curmudgeon.

Yesterday the disc our favorite curmudgeon promised me arrived, so yesterday evening I installed Kubuntu 9.04, then updated the few files that needed it. It was very easy. I have Firefox, and have it tricked out nearly the same as on my machine (best I recollect, anyway); USB works flawlessly; and the printer was recognized and configured faster than I could click through to the “printer-friendly” version of the page I wanted to use as my test. The only remaining issue is monitor-related ... this tower is so old that it doesn’t have a plug for my nice, big monitor (and using a USB adaptor would eat the only remaining USB port it has). I was able to reset the resolution to the parameters of the equally-ancient monitor the snolfs have, which has helped tremendously. It is all very workable while I address my ongoing hardware issues.

And things aren’t proceeding nearly as smoothly there, I’m sorry to report. In trying to test my memory sticks, something got grumpy enough that any attempt to boot the machine results in the obnoxious “bad memory” beep code sounding. So it is really the memory, or is it the motherboard? And how best to test them, when the mobo was made by a company that’s no longer in business (sniff, so sad, Abit is gone)? I have a bead on getting my files from my old drive, too ...

But these are issues to ponder another day. Today is even more beautifuller than yesterday, and I spent too much of yesterday inside. I also have yummy ripe strawberries and a delicious recipe for strawberry shortcake awaiting me. :-D

Happy Mother's Day

I totally planned it so the disc would arrive for Mother's Day. :) Glad things are working out (sort of). If you have a couple bucks, you could get a USB hub to add to your monitor's/pc array. I had to do that for my mac, which only came with 2 USB ports.

Well, gotta go eat the strawberry shortcake that I made for my esposa's mom's day dessert. Great minds and all....

Why, thank you!

I didn’t realize you were such a schemer, H.C.! Things are working out splendidly, thanks largely to you. MAL informs me that I was misnaken in saying I can’t connect my monitor to this machine; that will likely be my computer goal for today. I can’t devote a lot of time to it, because I need to clean my kitchen in order to make someone Inca Gold truffles. :-D

Also, thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes. We don’t celebrate it, so I didn’t realize it was this past weekend until a few of the wonderful twelve here reminded me. And how did the strawberry shortcake turn out? Perhaps we can share recipes ... once I get mine fine-tuned, that is.