Flash Animation, Twen–Cen Style

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I remember when I first discovered Wired’s Animation Express—weird but intriguing stuff was the rule for the brand new medium, then called Shockwave Flash (hence the .swf file extension). The snolfs enjoyed a lot of the animations too, and wanted to see them repeatedly. That’s why I learned how to find those files, which were usually downloaded to my machine but buried deep in the Windows file system. I dug them out, renamed them, and put them in a folder of their own for easier access.

Why am I bothering telling you so? Because yesterday the snolfs wanted to share some of these ancient vids with our visiting friends—and believe it or not, their machine still has most of those ancient files. It took a bit of fiddling, but I got them working. And in the process, I found that a few of the snolf favorites—they were quite fond of Plickey and Muto—are available on YouTube. In the spirit of sharing (because I know as soon as the snolfs see this they’ll do the “happy dancing critters” thing to death), I present one of their favorites for your pleasure: Lost (that’s the direct link to the YouTube vid for those who have embedded vids blocked) [and it’s correct now].

Ten years evaporated, just like that, for me ... hope it brought a smile to your face too.

Poor little muto

stupid plickey, ignoring his pup. >:(

I loved that - too cute!