Fixing a Hole Where Something Came In

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And set my fevered mind to wandering ...

Turns out that whilst I was fussing over my Sister Predator Wolfie, I should’ve been heeding my own advice a bit better. Quite some time ago, I added several things to my diet/health repertoire to try to combat the perpetual sluggishness/pressure in my sinuses, and an accompanying itchiness in my ears. They worked, slowly but surely: one day I noticed that I could breathe freely (still anosmic, alas), and my ears were happy. Probably about that time I started to let my regimen slide ... And when my sinuses started clogging again, I was slow to restart.

So, I awoke on July 4 around 4:30 a.m. with a fever, scratchy throat, a completely blocked right ear, and pain screaming from it down to my jawline. I hadn’t had an ear infection in decades, probably; and this one came on in full fury. Not having erythromycin on hand, I decided to test the mettle of my natural remedies and the old wives’ tales.

I stayed in bed as much as I could (not difficult at all!). I fasted (the old “starve a fever” line, which seems to have some scientific support). I took no antipyretics; instead I stayed in my trailer, which reached an afternoon temperature of 90°F (with windows and roof vents all open), with flannel sheets and my heavy wool blanket keeping me warm. I drank as much fluid as I could stand: plain water; water with natural apple cider vinegar in it; orange juice with extra Vitamin C powder blended in; black tea to thwart caffeine withdrawal effects (too bad I didn’t think of it before the headache started). I started taking a daily tablespoonful of coconut oil again, as well as my thrice daily dose of diluted oregano oil. Right before bed I ate a clove of raw garlic and did EFT.

By afternoon my fever broke, and the pressure in my ear had diminished a fair bit. I let up on the fluids come evening, so I could get a good night’s sleep. I stayed with it through the 5th ... and my improvement continued, albeit more slowly than I would’ve liked.

Today’s the first day I’m feeling mostly human again. I think I can read or knit without my eyes crossing painfully. My train of thought is as on the tracks as it usually is. And I’m feeling hungry. My ear is still a bit wonky, which makes for all kinds of interesting sound distortions ... washing my hair this morning sounded like I was rubbing thousands of tiny coils of steel together. I could barely stand it.

Anyway, now y’all know why I’ve been so quiet of late. And I think my experience is evidence of support for my voodoos. (If it’s mostly placebo effect, well, there are worse things that can happen to one.) I’m hopeful to get the book review out next, but it requires careful thought; so it’s possible some rant or odd diversion (such as this outrage, brought to my attention by NonEntity) will get here first.


Oh honey. I'm so sorry you got sick. Hungry is good. Get some food into your little snakey body. And feel better. Please. {hug}

Poor thing!

Herbal voodoo or placebo, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Get healthy ASAP! I hate to think what might happen to a sick person who attempts to read the book I'm sending you. :-)

Thanks, guys.

It seems I’m down to the part where I must wait for the logjam in my ear to clear up ... and I recall that to be a fairly slow process. It is happening, though, so as long as there isn’t too much more noise weirdness I think I can be patient.

I'm sorry!

So sorry you've been under the weather like that. I am at least 40% deaf due to ear infections as a child, so can really sympathize. Do take good care of it!

When I had an earache, my mother always made a hot poultice for it and that helped a lot. A heating pad on low might have the same effect. Or one of those buckwheat pillows that you heat in the microwave. You can make the same thing with a tube sock full of rice. Just be sure to tie the open end with string so you can replace the rice when it will no longer hold heat. Don't use whole wheat or other moister grains because they might POP!!! :)

I owe you an email, big time and have not forgotten.


I owe you an email, big time and have not forgotten.

And here I was thinking I owed you one!

Thanks for the suggestions; my ear isn’t sore any longer, but is still pretty blocked, which leads to interesting hearing and balancing, at times. I should be back to full mischief capabilities within a couple of days.

Get better

Sorry to hear that you have been sick, but glad to hear that you are recovering. Get well soon.

Thanks, Jorge.

I’m working on it. Kind of hard, since I’m not used to being sick like this ... all the same, I should be back to normal in a few days.


Do snakes have ears? :)

Take care of yourself and get well!


In the Harry Potter universe, they have eyelids too.

2nd try

I posted a get well message this morning, only to find that it hasn't registered, so...

Get well soon!!!!

I had a really nasty middle ear infection (both ears) 5 years ago, and it was incredibly painful (took me a long time to regain proper hearing).

(Good to see that you've tried a more natural aproach to improving your health)

Cheers :-)

It was a good test.

I posted a get well message this morning, only to find that it hasn't registered, so...

This small–brained reptile has been known to get a comment to the preview page and then navigate away, thinking that it had been posted ...

I had a really nasty middle ear infection (both ears) 5 years ago, and it was incredibly painful (took me a long time to regain proper hearing).

Oooh, having both ears ill would be a thoroughly miserable experience. Weren’t you dizzy too, at times? And I suspect that I have been underestimating how long it’ll take my right ear to get to normal—the past two days seems to have seen no improvement in it.

(Good to see that you've tried a more natural aproach to improving your health)

It was a good test of the things I’d placed trust in before. Besides, I really didn’t want to take erythromycin—not that I’ve ever had a problem with it ... I just didn’t want to take that path this time.

Small-brained mammal

Yes, I think this small-brained mammal must have got side-tracked at the preview stage!

And yes, *very* dizzy with both ears out of action, and lots of discomfort, to put it mildly (as you know).


I hope your recovery continues unabated. I'm so miserable (and whiny) when ill, I should have to isolate myself to avoid a divorce! I couldn't imagine trying to operate a computer to email or blog or anything.

I have been mush-brained all week following a week of glorious beach atrophy, perhaps it is an infection of the extreme inner ear (aka between my ears). Get weller soon, friend.


Murphy's Bye-Laws


Something about the equilibrium of the world shifted - lots of inner ear problems going around the globe. Pint of Stout has an awesome collection of poetry - thanks for the link.

I can't help but think that this term progress needs a redefinition. The human species is a bit ego-centric in the thought pattern, and the current actions are last bit attempts to hang onto something that is no longer there.

The largest change in returning to the net after a roughly two year hiatus is the new aspects of marketing through social networking. Sunni's community of conspirators was well ahead of the curve at the time - the focus was not on marketing a product, rather it was marketing a lifestyle. The people are just catching up - there is more to life than punching a time-clock.

I drifted - but there is an idea ruminating here. Come visit my blog - I'll ramble more there about where i think things are headed.


Thanks for the compliment on the poetry, Doctor Lenny.

To what current actions are you referring?


Murphy's Bye-Laws