Love You, B.W.

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That is probably not news to regulars here—after all, my interview of B.W. Richardson displayed my high regard of him; and I’ve pointed to several of his blog posts here. But if you’ve not been by Montag ... lately, take a mosey over there and you should easily see why I’ve titled this ramble thusly. He’s been on a powerful tear lately—and lest you think you can suss out my favorites based on my commenting pattern there, to that I say “Nay!” Of late I’ve been racing the heat as well as very busy, so I often let great bits slip by without comment.

But today’s post is simply too good to let pass, nor to keep to myself. Hie thee over there and bask in his inspiring words. Thank you very much, my friend.

You're much too kind

The feeling is mutual and I thank you from the depths of my depths. A lot has been moving around my brain of late, and I'm glad the stirrings have helped in whatever small ways. We write to share, and so I appreciate your helping me share with more folks.

Just what I needed...

More to read! AGGGG! :)

But seriously, Sunni. Why have I not heard of this guy before? Holding out on Mama?

Lots of good stuff there. So much to read... so little time.

Holding out? Never!

Why have I not heard of this guy before?

I dunno ... he’s been at the top of the blogroll here for a while now. I know it might appear to be a random jumble, especially to those who like to alphabetize their links, but there’s a method to my madness ... or is that vice versa?

And B.W., you are most welcome.

I see that now

I've sampled links in the "blogroll," but I guess that one just never caught my eye - and I had no idea the list was not random. Guess I'll do some exploring there, as time allows.

The number of good blogs and other sites on line is simply mind bending, of course. A sample is probably all I'll ever see in any case... but it's always good to find a really neat one! :) Thanks.