It Is Hereby Declared ...

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by She Who Loves (almost) All Things Pink and/or Frilly, that today is a celebration day! Relax, enjoy yourself, and be extra good to one another, she requests.

SWLaATPaF is Darlin’ Daughter, o’course; and she wields such power today because it’s her birthday. I foresee much Hide and Raspberry Seek (wherein once a person is found, the seeker gets to raspberry the found person’s tummy) later—with any luck I can dodge some of it by putting the finishing touches on her raspberry–white chocolate cheesecake.

She’s requested some oatmeal for breakfast, so I’m off. Let the Wild Pink Rumpus begin!

Hear! Hear!

Sounds like a wonderful holiday! I shall observe accordingly, says I.

And a happy day to both of you.


Murphy's Bye-Laws


Happy Birthday, sweety pie! :)

I hope darlin' Snolfette had

I hope darlin' Snolfette had a terrific birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Lots of hugs from your Wyoming grandma! :)

OOOOh, Raspberry/chocolate cheesecake? My tummy just got "raspberried" good just thinking about it! :)

She did

And she thanks all of you for your kind birthday wishes.

I'm late as usual . . .

A belated Happy Birthday to you, [name redacted].

I hope it was as good as could be.

I waited too long for my wishes
and now it's your Unbirthday

Oops; my apologies.

Sorry to edit your birthday wishes, Tom—but I don’t have permission to use the snolfs’ names or pictures of them here, and I want to respect their desire for privacy.

I’m sure she’ll enjoy your video, once she’s awake. Thanks for thinking of her!