Some Snakes Hibernate ...

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I don’t intend to be one of them, but I will likely not be slithering around here as frequently as I’d like for a while.

Yes, we just returned from vacation, as I mentioned in a comment. But now we’re facing another challenge: we’ll be moving in a couple of weeks. There is much to do and not enough time for it all, it appears. Let’s hope I’m wrong on that last bit. I doubt I’ll have enough time and working brain cells to post anything of substance in the interim, but I may come by and scream every now and again. Consider yourselves warned!

No fun

Sounds like you will have your hands full for a while. Best of luck with the move.

Think of this as a vacation

It's always good to get a break from the stress of philosophical discussion, and concentrate on important things like "We don't have enough boxes!" and "Why do I still have my undergrad textbooks?" and "AIEEEE!!!"--crash!tinkle--"...oh crap".

Embrace the chaos, scream as needed, and we look forward to hearing from you at some future date after you remember which box you packed your computer in.

Good Luck!

Hoping all goes smoothly. And that you'll be back soon thereafter.

There is much to do and not

There is much to do and not enough time for it all, it appears.

It always appears so, and yet the important stuff always gets done. How that happens is a mystery, but it's that's the way of it.

Have a fun trip!

Thanks, everyone.

The twist in this move is we—a bunch of packrats—are moving into a furnished house. Just the thought of trying to decide which books can come with me and which’ll go into storage breaks me into a cold sweat. I haven’t considered the matter of kitchen equipment yet.

Those are just two reasons (of many) why I long for a good, distracting philosophical discussion.

won't fit

Good way to get rid of all the stuff (almost everything someone might own) which won't fit in the trailer! ;-)

When I was young and newly married my wife and I seemed to move about once every six months or so. If it didn't fit in the VW van, it didn't go. What a great way to keep life pared to the essentials.

Good luck with it all.

- NonE