Police Can Be Brutal the World Around

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My friend Mike Gogulski apparently learned that lesson back in September, although he just published information about his unfortunate encounter with some Slovak policemen. As happens here in the USSA with disturbing frequency, Mike called them for help, and instead they turned on him.

I’m not sure what Mike intends to do from here, but he has requested support and I am giving it, by helping to publicize his story and archiving a copy of the report in case his web site is yanked. I can’t at present upload it here for sharing, but will happily email the PDF to those who request it. For now, it and other formats are available in Mike’s blog post I linked earlier; my dear friend Tom Ender has also archived Mike’s report.

If anyone wonders whether Mike is worth supporting, in addition to his fine blog I recommend reading my interview of him. Mike walks the walk, and surely is an inspiration to many.

Thanks Sunni

I'm sure Mike would thank you also, but his Facebook status says he has limited internet access right now. After changing countries, I can easily believe that.

One more thing...

The more web sites, blogs, social nets, etc. that post Mike's account in text, downloadable format or an offer to e-mail (but NOT ONLY a link to his site), the harder it will be for the removal of any one, two or even three sites to eradicate the issue.

Mike's NoState site appears from a simple query to be hosted in Slovakia. It might be very easy for the police who beat Mike up to have his site removed.

So spread Mike's account of his attack, via e-mail, posting the text, or posting downloadables where ever you can.

I don't get it. If Mike

I don't get it. If Mike understands the nature of the State, why the hell did he call them to "help"? I hope Mike and readers learn a lesson that Mike should have already known don't call the State or its thugs for help.