Kindness Can Be Contagious

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At least it was for a while in a Philadelphia restaurant.

Pat, a frequent participant here, sent me a link to a news article about the event. From the article (link omitted):

It played like a scene from a holiday movie—a mystery couple, who didn’t leave their names or numbers, walked into a restaurant, finished their meal and then set-off [sic] a chain reaction of generosity that lasted for hours.

That’s just what employees at the Aramingo Diner in Port Richmond said a man and a woman did during their breakfast shift last Saturday morning.

“It was magical. I had tears in my eyes because it never happened before. I’ve been here for 10 years and I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Lynn Willard, a waitress.

... [T]he couple started the chain reaction by paying double: for their own meal and for the tab of another table of diners at the restaurant. There's no evidence that one group of diners knew the others.

What a lovely gesture—even if it had been limited to the first recipients. Imagine what a nice surprise that would be on most days ... then consider how it would feel if you were having a crappy day, or worse. If you were to start such a chain, how cool would it be to hear or read about that in your local news?

Since I was a little girl, people have told me that I have been “too nice”. I will admit to being too trusting sometimes, but I don’t think there’s such a thing as too nice. Love may not be all one needs, but even a small dose of kindness can be transformative. For all who want to be part of a better world, this is the kind of thing to copycat with great frequency, creativity, and delight.

Sharing joy

I don't remember the story very well, but this the gist of it:

A couple was on the brink of divorce. They stopped at a fast food place for coffee on the way to court. In line at the order counter, they saw a homeless man in front of them. He was dirty and smelly, and most people would not even look at him.

The woman felt sorry for him. When they got to the counter, she ordered an extra breakfast meal and then presented it to the old man as she passed by his table.

I don't remember the rest of it, but somehow his smile of gratitude changed the way she (and probably her husband) looked at everything (at least right then) and the couple went on to reconcile instead of divorce.

The gift of love, joy, peace and humanity doesn't need to be in any particular form or amount. Sometimes a simple smile is a priceless gift.

So at least smile. :) And pass it forward.

The simple beauty of kindness

Thank you for sharing-- the story is rich and warm.

Yay for people!

Thanks. I needed to hear a tale like that. :)

What a sweet story

It's nice to hear something good about human beings once in a while. I'm glad you're "too nice."

I hope you're having a wonderful solstice/christmas/hanukkah/whatever holiday season.