A Little Something for the Celebrations Ahead

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I have been too much a post–and–run Snake these days; and for that I apologize. It will get worse—or this place will fall entirely silent, mayhaps—before it gets better; but before those days descend, I would like to share some joy—a recipe for a celebratory frugal indulgence. Don’t believe me? Step into my kitchen and behold!

We have waxed enthusiastic about eggnog in these parts before. Yet, astonishing as it may be to some of us, others do not care for the lovely rich beverage. And these days, the cost of making a huge bowl of it may be enough to knock it off some holiday lists. Do not despair—and please do not stoop to buying the processed stuff, full of HFCS and thickeners and who knows what else. Here’s a recipe for making eggnog a serving at a time: that’s frugal and it makes it easy to tweak each glass to the drinker’s tastes. Best quality ingredients will lead to the best ‘nogs. Chilled glasses are a very nice touch, too.

Single–Serving Eggnog

1 cold egg, well beaten
2 t. sugar
1 C cold milk–type liquid (see note, below)
1/4 t. vanilla extract
freshly grated nutmeg
Alcohol(s) of the drinker’s preference, optional
Milk note: One may use whole milk, or for a richer eggnog, a combination of milk and half & half, or milk and cream; or even just half & half or cream.

Mix egg, sugar, milk, and vanilla together thoroughly. Pour into tall, chilled glass and dust with nutmeg.

Yep, it’s just that simple! If you want to add alcohol to the drink, mix the eggnog first, then add the liquor and stir to mix it in well. There are many ideas about the best liquor for eggnog, but not being a discriminatory sort of reptile, I shall report that my favorite modification to make this recipe high–test is to use all heavy cream, then cut it with liberal additions of bourbon, rum, and brandy (declining quantities of each in that order). Vanilla brandy is also an excellent variant, if one can find it.

I hope to raise a cup to all of you, and other friends scattered across the globe, in celebration of the solstice tomorrow. Skål—and to the better days ahead!

Happy Solstice, Sunni

And Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Newton's Birthday.... and whatever other winter solstice holidays you enjoy!


Thanks for the recipe, it's quite similar to mine. I prefer all brandy, myself. :) Happy Solstice!

Holiday drinks

Thanks for the recipe; I’ll be imbibing soon.

On the subject of holiday drinks, here’s a non-alcoholic recipe for those kids, teetotallers or recovering alcoholics who wish to toast the New Year along with everyone else. I found this online a few years ago from someone named “Suzanne”, and it’s quite good if you *must* eliminate alcohol.

Mock Champagne (8-10 servings):

4 cups club soda
4 cups ginger ale
3 cups unsweetened white grape juice

Chill club soda, ginger ale and grape juice overnight. In a large pitcher combine club soda, ginger ale and grape juice. Serve immediately over ice.

I hope to soon, too.

But first, I need to get through a very full day. Thanks for your recipe, Pat; that does look good. And you’ve reminded me that I failed to list my source, for I—admirer of the ‘nog that I have long been—I never even thought to try my hand at something like that. It is the Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, published in 1966. It is an absolute culinary treasure, not just for recipes but wonderful essays from the likes of James Beard. I adore my set—and not just because it has five eggnog recipes.

Happy solstice, everyone!

Mama's eggnog

Makes hot beverage for 6 to 8 adults

4 extra large eggs
1/3 cup brown sugar (or 1/4 cup honey)
1 qt. half/half or regular cream
1 qt. milk

Beat together in a double boiler. Heat slowly until hot, but not boiling. Stir constantly with wire whip.

Immediately pour into 12 oz cups. Add spiced rum to taste. Serve right away.

For children or those who do not use alcohol, add a dash of vanilla and nutmeg.

For fewer calories, use half/half and low fat milk.

Looks yummy

But I must say I’m not sure about hot eggnog, Mama. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

Hot egg nog

Well, it wasn't really HOT when served, just nicely warm... and those who took a cup as they came in out of the zero temperature, windy and snowy weather thought it was a marvelous idea! LOL

Warm egg nog makes sense in a Wyoming winter... probably not so much anywhere warmer. :)