A Relevant Musical Interlude

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What with all the military madness this country maintains, I’m rather surprised it took the winter Olympics to bring one of my favorite Rush songs out of the recesses of my memory:

(direct link to vid on YouTube; or choose the original studio version for better lyrics comprehension)

The tour from which that live performance was taken marks my first attendance of a Rush concert. I don’t recall now whether I’d heard this song before, but it’s doubtful, as I’d only heard songs that got airplay, and a few others I happened to hear when I visited my brother. I do remember being riveted by this song when they performed it: someone else felt the same way I did about the phoniness of nations and vacuous patriotism!

Thus, it should be very clear why I have no problem identifying a favorite band.


I'd forgotten about this one also. Thanks for refreshing my recollection. Gonna go get this for my mp3 player.

Good to hear from you

It gave me a bit of a scare to see your blog gone several days ago. I’m glad it’s back.

It’s hard to keep their entire discography in mind, especially songs like this that address deep ideas but probably never got any airplay. Something jogged my memory on Something for Nothing a while back, and it was embarrassing to realize that I’d seemingly forgotten about that song: at one point I liked it so much I had the lyrics of the last verse posted on my office wall.

Something for Nothing

That one I do have on my Freedom playlist. As for the blog, I accidentally hit 'delete blog' instead of 'log out' when I was changing something in my profile. :) I was distracted at the time.