Great News for Pro–Freedom SciFi Lovers

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My dear friend Carl Bussjaeger shared some good tidings with me, and has given permission for me to share with y’all. Let’s step in to the library ...

Carl told me of a new, independent libertarian scifi publisher: Near Space Press. His first novel, Net Assets, is going to be the first offering—in both e–book and trade paper formats. Currently, the e–book is slated for release in early May (a grand birthday present for Carl, I should think), with the trade paper expected to follow in June. Other projects are also in the works. Congratulations, Carl!

Those of you who’ve stuck with me through the FMN days may recall that Net Assets was selected Freedom Book of the Month when it was first released, back in 2002. I’ve read a lot of pro–freedom scifi, both before and since, and I am delighted that Carl’s book has gotten the attention it deserves. I remember particularly liking the toned–down approach Carl takes with his libertarian messages—no lecturing here, either by characters or the author—as well as his deft hand at character development.

And, if any of you would like to try your hand at libertarian fiction, Near Space Press is accepting submissions for consideration. Instructions and contact information are available at the web site.




A fine book, and one I'll be happy to see widely available again!

Tom Knapp
Former editor, Freedom Book of the Month


I remember enjoying the book myself - just don't remember much what it was about. Guess that means I'll have to buy a copy now.

See, Carl... persistence pays off.

I've got a lot of old partial manuscripts in a file drawer - some date from 1958... guess I should dust them off and see what I might be able to come up with. Got to support this new enterprise!

But is this ONLY for "science fiction?" I've written mostly for children or young adults - western or historical stuff. Will have to see the website. Maybe I can insert a UFO into the wild west a few places. LOL

Oh, the writing juices are suddenly flowing here!!!

My (limited) understanding ...

is that pro–freedom ideas are more important than other aspects of the project—besides it being a quality effort, o’course. There’s an eddress on the Near Space Press site; you can send your questions there. I was thinking you might be interested in checking them out!

NSP intends to focus on

NSP intends to focus on libertarian SF (lucky for me), but on a case by case basis I think might consider other libertarian-oriented material. Couldn't hurt to send a proposal.

Once the first three books are out of the way, I may push a collection of my nonfiction commentary. I've got around 14 years worth.