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By which I mean that the contract writing gig I had has ended. Thus, I’m in the market for new opportunities. I know this place isn’t necessarily the best one for finding work, but my intent is to simply put my ideas out where they can be found. Here are some of the things I can do, and am interested in doing:

  • Writing: My writing experience ranges from informal (blog posts) to formal (academic papers, business newsletters) and across a wide variety of subjects and spans many years. I can write: reviews; persuasive, instructional, analytical, and informational essays or blog posts; research papers; newsletters; book chapters; and entire nonfiction manuscripts. I am interested in a huge number of topics/ideas, and if I don’t know much about a subject, I’m a very fast study. I don’t need to have my name attached to every sentence I create—I’m comfortable ghostwriting and can adjust my tone and style according to the project’s needs and intended audience. I’m willing to consider ghostblogging if the subject is a good fit. Samples available upon request.

  • Editing: My years of teaching and grading helped hone my writing and editorial skills. I have a good sense of appropriate style for many projects, as well as knowing stylistic rules and when it’s okay to bend the rules a bit. In graduate school, I frequently served as copy editor for my advisor, because I caught so many things that she (and the spell checker) missed. I’m familiar with MLA style, and very familiar with APA style. Although I am wedded to the serial comma because of the clarity it imparts, I can override that if need be. I have copy–edited many projects, for content as well as style, and enjoy the work. Thus far my editing work has largely focused on nonfiction writing, but I have done some editing of fiction work, and will consider taking on fiction projects on a case–by–case basis.

  • Tutoring: While my expertise is in psychology, I am competent at tutoring other subjects, including English, basic math, reading, and research design/experimental analysis. With the exception of reading, my preference is for high school and college/graduate level students. For college–level work, I can help not only with test preparation, but research papers, including theses. Tutoring sessions can be conducted in person or online.

  • Basic Web Design: I am not a hotshot coder by any means, but I can design or re–design a basic web site to better reflect a site’s purpose. In doing so I also look for ways to improve a site’s search engine optimization. My skills do not encompass creating entire themes for blogging platforms such as Wordpress, but I can take an extant theme and tweak it to a desired customized look. Unfortunately, most examples of my web design work are no longer online, other than Sunni’s Salon ... regular readers may remember the spare look of Doing Freedom! and The Real ID Rebellion (when it was on its own domain, as well as the Blogger platform). I have a very large repository of fonts, and can make general banners or other text graphics to better create a desired mood on a web site.

  • Knitting: Although I’ve been knitting for just over a year, in that time I’ve been fairly fearless about trying new things. I have knitted 3.75 sweaters, numerous pairs of socks, a scarf, yoga socks (heel and toe open), a hat, and many small amigurumi. From those skills I know I can also knit cowls and fingerless mitts. Techniques that I have learned include intricate cable work, color work, and basic lace.
    Commissioning a customized handknit item is not a way to get a bargain—there’s no way handknit socks can be sold as cheaply as WalMart or Target does, for example. Quality yarn is not inexpensive (although it needn’t be overly costly, unless one wants premium fibers, such as silk, angora, or quiviut). We will be working together to create a unique item—this is bespoke knitting. Prices will therefore be dependent upon the yarn selected for a project, and the time necessary to complete it (not an hourly rate). Some of my work is viewable in my Flickr photostream, but not much at present. I can supply a few other photos via email, if desired.

  • Baking/Candy Making: Making truffles, nut brittles, and caramels is a seasonal endeavor, but I can make other items for delivery locally or shipped. That would include: honey–roasted (and lightly spiced, if desired) nuts; fruity oaty bars (naturally gluten–free); peanut–butter crispy treats (like rice cereal bars, but without marshmallows—these are also naturally gluten–free); homemade marshmallows—numerous flavors available; and cookies or cakes (shipping limited to those that are not fragile or highly perishable). Cheesecake is a speciality; most are naturally gluten–free. In all my cooking, I do not use HFCS, preservatives, chemical stabilizers, or artificial flavors. Again, this is a bespoke process, using the highest–quality ingredients available and getting my years of experience and dedicated attention as part of creating your culinary desire.

Now, as to payment: given the wide range of possibilities mentioned above, I cannot realistically offer concrete prices for each one. Much depends upon what is required of me, and how quickly the work is to be done (recall the adage that one can only choose two of the three desired qualities for a project—good; fast; and inexpensive). I am open to barter or partial barter (for larger projects) as payment, as well as FRNs or precious metals.

For those who made it through all the above, I appreciate your time and attention on my behalf. I hope you’ll keep me in mind if you hear of opportunities for which I might be a good fit. Tusen takk!

Good luck!

You have so many talents and strengths, I'm sure you'll find something - or a combination of somethings. :)

Dang false advertising. I

Dang false advertising. I thought I'd have to step up the polygamy discussions with WR. ;)

Very funny.

I think I’m well past my “best if used by” date, alas.

Don't sell yourself short

Somehow, I doubt if you'll ever reach that date, hon. After all, you ARE younger than I.

No worries

Just like MT Prometheus was kidding, so am I.

Who was kidding.....alright

Who was kidding.....alright me, and I know you were.