In Which I Admit I Might Have a Fiber Problem

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Notice how I coyly avoid taking responsibility for the situation. I’ll try again.

Hello, my name is Sunni and I have a problem: I adore yarn.

We are moving in about a week. I have a good–sized container bulging with yarn. A fair portion of it I really don’t have a specific use for. Some I bought on sale, others because they’re discontinued yarns that someone on Ravelry raved about, and a few I just saw and loved. I see pretty sock yarns and cannot resist—only one skein and I can create a pair of socks! And somehow I have more purple in my yarn stash than I ever thought possible. I won’t name names as to who I hold accountable for that twist. I appear to be a yarn magnet. Anyway, having let several skeins of yarn roam my room, I decided to buy a second storage container to corral them and to minimize potential damage during the move.

The good news is that between the two containers, all the yarn I own fits nicely in them.

The bad news is I have another five pounds (approximately) of yarn on its way.

The better news is...

You could have worse problems :)

Really, a yarn habit isn't all that bad in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy it.


And I suspect I’ve a long way to go before I hit S.A.B.L.E. ⇒ Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy (i.e., more yarn than one can use before one’s demise).

Jorge is right

And after seeing all the boxes stuffed full of rocks from Lobo’s business trips, I feel remarkably guilt–free about my yarn, and the 7 pounds currently on its way to me. (For his part, Lobo says he’s happy to have contributed to my peace of mind.)


You mention colors, but you left out the critical info: what species of fibers are they? Wool? Alpaca? Polyester? Musk OX? Nettle?

Nettle yarn??

Just what the sadist needs ...

Both colors and fibers are quite varied: I have several blues, a bit of red, not much yellow beyond many skeins that I will eventually turn into a sweater or sweater–coat for myself, and some green. My sock yarns tend to be multicolored. Lewlew has custom dyed a few skeins of sock yarn for me, in primarily yellow colors too.

Fiber–wise, the bulk is wool or a wool blend. I have a lovely red alpaca blend that will become a sweater; I have a bit of angora blend; one of my blues is a wool–mohair mix; another bag is an alpaca, wool, and silk blend; and I have several skeins that contain hemp. The sock yarns all contain some amount of nylon, as that gives the yarn extra durability.

I also have two pounds of fingering weight (sock yarn) that is undyed, awaiting our resettling. I think it’ll be a fun experiment for the snolfs to learn about dyeing—Kool Aid is apparently great for dyeing yarn. Unfortunately, natural dyes appear to require mordants that aren’t terribly kid–friendly; but if I like the dyeing adventure I may get wacky and start experimenting with mushroom dyes.


Nettle has good fibers if properly prepared. It's also edible when prepared correctly.

How interesting.

I knew about its edibility—it’s supposed to be quite nutritious—but didn’t know about the fiber. Is it tricky to prepare properly?

Wait 'til you get to be my age!

I have two large totes full of yarn and a smaller one of knitting needles, crochet hooks and other yarn/craft tools. At least six other totes are filled with fabrics of all kinds. There are six large boxes of tanned cowhides, and uncounted smaller boxes of sewing supplies, embroidery floss, buttons, fasteners and so forth...

Unfortunately, I've lost any real desire to knit, sew, do leatherwork or much of anything but write...

But all that stuff will be there someday when the old craft juices start to flow again. If I live that long, of course. :)

And I'm SOOOOO glad I don't have to move all that stuff again.

Too many craft possibilities ...

I’m hoping that my craft hoarding days are mostly behind me—I still have a fair bit of cross stitch material, and stained glass stuff too. My goal once we’re settled in is to go through my stuff quite brutally, and get rid of most of the stuff that I don’t wear or use. I will keep the stained glass material, though, as a friend is interested in exploring it and I never was able to give it a thorough test. I might be able to set up a work space for it in the garage.