Because Hell, Even I Want to See More Smoking Hot, Ass–Kicking Chicks

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I’ll put this video on in the library since it has some language those of you with sensitive ears might not wish to hear:

Edited to add a link to this video from the Howard Stern show, which provides back story on the Stephen Baldwin situation.

(Direct link to the vid on YouTube)

In case anyone needs reminding, I adore Joss Whedon for more than his shows.

Where's the "like" button?

Where's the "like" button? Good video Sunni!
I definitely enjoy seeing Smoking Hot, Ass–Kicking Chicks !!1!


We don’t need no steenkin’—yeah, that joke is a bit stale.

For anyone who might wonder why Buffy isn’t mentioned, it’s a mere technicality (cuz she is arguably the smoking hot, ass–kicking chick): that show wasn’t canceled.